Odd Nervous Laughter From Pelosi As She Repeatedly Butchers Lib Honoree’s Name

nancy pelosi

On Tuesday House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke from a prepared text, with the name of the recipient she was honoring written down right in front of her, as liberal playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda was being honored by the US Capitol Historical Society.

Miranda is the author of the Broadway musical “Hamilton,” who was being presented with the Freedom Award. Speaking has been a bit of a challenge for Pelosi over the past year at times, but it shouldn’t be that tough of a name to negotiate. A speech coach might have told her to slow down, break it down into three parts. Read each one individually and she’d have gotten through it just fine.         [VIDEO BELOW]

The guy’s a huge lib and his play is presented as a thinly-veiled attack on white Americans and Republicans. It’s nice to see something so basic and personal as his name thoroughly butchered by this lame-brained Democrat witch.

Pelosi really seems to struggle with the word “Manuel,” with her tongue seemingly becoming twisted up like a pretzel inside her mouth on more than one occasion. Maybe she should spend more time getting to know her gardening staff at her homes. Surely there’s a Manuel or two around there someplace. Practice makes perfect.


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