Obstructionist Schumer Knows Best – Trump Is Always Wrong, Automatically

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Face the Nation host John Dickerson stepped in something on the way into the studio this morning. As he scraped it off his shoe he discovered it was a pile of Schumer, so he took advantage of the opportunity and interviewed it. He asked the Senate Minority Leader if a replacement executive order is a possibility, to which Schumer predictable replied with one of his filibustering responses, “No, I think he ought to throw it in the trash.”

He continued, “I think this executive order is so bad and so poisoned, it’s genesis is so bad and terrible that he ought to just throw it in the trash can and for two reasons (actually four or five by the time he takes a breath.)

Schumer then declares he is better informed than the president and a better decision maker by stating, “The first reason, it doesn’t really make us safer. It doesn’t focus on the areas where we really need to tighten up. They are, number one, on lone wolves. The last two major terrorists incidents didn’t occur through immigrants, they were Americans importuned by the evil ISIS.”

Tashfeen Malik, the female San Bernardino shooter, was a Pakistani-born lawful permanent resident of the United States, an immigrant. Maybe Schumer was talking about a different major attack. Her accomplice, as well as the shooter in Orlando, were both first-generation Americans of parents from terrorist countries. It’s an additional and very serious threat that needs to be addressed and could be potentially setting us up for a real explosion of chaos and terror, the true Obama legacy.

On the topic of Obama, the anti-American DHS secretary under him, Jihadi Jeh Johnson, was blabbing constantly about how difficult his job was due to “lone wolves” and how that was the focus of his department’s efforts. Was all of that “hard work” not producing results or was it never really taking place? We were lectured to “see something, say something,” because Johnson was doing nothing. The lone wolf argument was designed to be an excuse because it makes every American a potential terrorist and the pool of suspects too large to manage. Schumer is just continuing with the same diversions and pro-Islamist tactics that got us into this mess.

After pretending that having the same positions as RINO John McCain lends validity to his arguments, Schumer goes on to lay out the second point of what he would do instead, tightening up the visa waiver program. Laughably, with as much of a stink as these stench-riddled Democrats have put up over travel restrictions from 7 small terrorist nations, Schumer says he would tighten restrictions on Europe and the rest of the world. Can he really be this stupid or does he just think we are?

He goes on to falsely state that the order is unconstitutional and a religious ban, not giving Dickerson an opportunity to ask him why exercising powers granted in the Constitutional is unconstitutional and why a ban on travel from a nation is somehow a religious ban when people with those beliefs are still entering the US daily from other areas.

And of course we need Iraqis and Iranians to take our jobs. He reminded us of how dependent we are upon other nations to provide low wage replacement and American displacement workers to the slave masters in Silicon Valley. He provides as a basis the concern of the tech exploiters that some of their jobs were going to go to Canada. Who cares, Chuckie? If an Iraqi takes an American job or if he takes a Canadian job, an American still isn’t working.

Your title, since you’ve obviously forgotten, doesn’t read Global Senator or North American Union Senator, it’s United States Senator. How about you shut your sanctimonious, treacherous, wholly-owned by the establishment trap and start acting like it for a change. Get out of the way and let our President do his job – for us.

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