Obstructionist Schumer Argued “Everyone Agrees” President Deserves His Cabinet Choices

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Scummy Chuck Schumer could have been describing the endless delays and obstructionism that he and his fellow anti-American Democrats have unleashed on President Trump, particularly in the glacial speed at which cabinet nominees are subjected to during the confirmation process.

The current Minority leader was speaking at the side of Harry Reid, who was, at the time the Majority Leader as Democrats controlled the Senate. They were similarly complaining that they were frustrated at the lack of progress. He made some comments that are very relevant to today’s situation.

Schumer addressed the press and the nation, saying, “The majority leader (Harry Reid) has just announced he is moving forward with a group of nominees to give the ‘president’ the team he deserves to fight for the middle class.” Of course the part about fighting for the middle class is just fiction, Democrats fight for the elites just as many of the most corrupt Republicans do.

Schumer says, “Just about everyone in America, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative believe that once you elect a president, he deserves his choices to run the executive branch.” He doesn’t mention anything in the way of an exception for the future Trump administration, he dishonestly includes both sides of the aisle in his comments intended to benefit only those on his side.

He continues, saying, “But a new tactic has been introduced, to try to paralyze the executive branch, the way they’ve paralyzed the legislative branches. Because they really don’t want the government to function.” He could have included a notation that the new tactic will one day be called “being Schumered,” as in the treatment the sleazy Democrat meted out to the Republican nominees in the Trump cabinet.

The Democrats and establishment Republicans really dislike the President for exactly the reason that Schumer assigned to his opponents, the all really don’t want the government to function. At least not in the interest of the American people. Democrats and compromised Republican leaders are both piling on the President in an attempt to slow him down.

President Trump is facing subversives and opponents attempting to impede his progress from within both parties. He needs to remain unflinching in his determination and resolve and make it clear, if they’re not on board with his agenda, get off the train and let someone who is have their seat. It’s not stopping, especially for some hack political call boys.

Schumer, with his current misbehavior contrasted against his comments from 2013 is once again exposed as the hypocrite that he is and that all Democrats are. It’s anything for the party and nothing for the people.

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2 Comments on Obstructionist Schumer Argued “Everyone Agrees” President Deserves His Cabinet Choices

  1. Dr. Deplorable // February 10, 2017 at 11:35 pm // Reply

    Does Charles “X” Chuck Schumer look or act more EVIL?

  2. They are indeed subversives. For the New World Order.

    This goes beyond just partisanship. This is war.

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