Obnoxious Libtard Bill Walton Won’t Shut Up About “Evils Of Coal” During Broadcast

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Bill Walton is a lifelong Californian, and he’s always been a little weird, but there is a difference between weird and obsessively obnoxious about your politics. Thankfully, many of us have found more productive ways to spend our time than parked in front of a television set, with one of the benefits not being subjected to the politicization of sports broadcasting.

It’s a topic that has been written about but reading reports is quite different from being subjected to inane global warming propaganda by a sportscaster, his poorly disguised unfunny attempts at humor. Even the studio guys who are forced to tolerate his nonsense seem to grow weary of his incessant, tedious ravings before the thing is over.

Walton seems to have somehow gotten the idea that people care about his opinion in areas other than basketball, which, if he’s as overbearing there as he is with his hoax promotion, might be a stretch as well.  He browbeats his colleague for having the good sense to realize the value of coal and other real energy sources. His victim is polite enough not to point out the foolishness of the nonsense Walton is peddling, though it might have something to do with the agenda of the network he works for as well.

ESPN, the program where this broadcasting insult took place, has lost 12 million viewers since 2011, just five years ago, and is currently bleeding subscribers at a rate of 10,000 per day. Much of that loss is attributed to the type of idiocy that Walton is displaying. Maybe they should have gotten the message already, folks aren’t interested in Bill Walton’s politics and many of those viewers happen to like prosperity and therefore like coal. They also hate subsidizing their expensive “play like” pretend energy sources to make eggheads feel good about themselves.

Coal is vital for industry. It’s efficient and can be relatively clean. With “green energy” there is still the need for a back up “real energy system” such as coal, natural gas, or nuclear, for nighttime and when the wind isn’t blowing, so green is actually less ecologically sound than black.

There’s no reason to talk to Walton, or for anyone to attempt to talk sense into the eggheads at Disney which own the failing network. They’ve got a liberal agenda which is more important than their share holders. Walton is doing what they want and expect.

He and Bob Iger at Disney are the reason why mute and channel buttons were invented, as well as the equally useful off switches.

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4 Comments on Obnoxious Libtard Bill Walton Won’t Shut Up About “Evils Of Coal” During Broadcast

  1. Barry Marshall Jones Sr. // March 17, 2017 at 11:54 am // Reply

    A lump of coal has more sense than Walton the “Has Been” !

  2. Why is bill Walton’s head such a distorted mess—was he run over by a trailer truck ?

  3. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // March 16, 2017 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    Good…ESPN losing subscribers is Great make them pay through their slim wallet….but we know how Stupid,slow the Lying, Loony, Libturds are….DUH maybe they will figure it out….I must be dreaming.

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