Obama’s New OFA Anti-Trump Focus – Special Prosecutor, Lackey Todd Couldn’t Trap Cotton

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Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) was given the same questions by NBC’s Chuck Todd that Jake Tapper asked of Chris Christie on his CNN Sunday Show. Apparently Obama, Clinton and Soros have given the word to their media propagandists. The push will now be for a special prosecutor to pursue the non-existent evidence and determine what involvement Russia had in the manipulation of the election that never occurred. The News Fakers are on the job, the OFA criminal agitators can count on them.

Governor Christie said one was totally unwarranted and Senator Cotton was even more articulate in his rebuffing of the ridiculous assertions of Todd. One amusing side point that may have escaped detection by some is the fact that Todd led off his question by saying, “And finally, I want to ask you about the [sic] Darrell Issa being open to a special prosecutor. At what point is it in the best interest of the country to sort of take it away from elected partisans, at this point, whether it’s a commission, I know a select commission, outside commission or a special prosecutor. Where are you on that?” Sometimes final doesn’t mean final, especially with these scummy media types.

What Todd and the other Obama toadies are trying to do is exactly what he claims he wants to guard against, placing the fictional non-event into the hands of leftist partisans, and to give their character assassination witch hunt stature beyond what a total fabricated hoax deserves. Todd’s job, as with Fake News Jake at CNN, is to repeat the lie and then build upon it until it is believed and considered to be factual. Cotton, just as with Christie, isn’t playing that game.

Cotton replies, “I think that’s way, way getting ahead of ourselves here Chuck. There’s no allegation of any crime occurring, there’s not even an indication that there’s criminal investigations underway by the FBI, as opposed to counterintelligence investigations, which the FBI conducts all the time, as our main counterintelligence bureau. If we get down that road that’s a decision that Attorney General Sessions can make at that time.”

Todd is fishing for a “yes” so he presses, “Senators can call for it on their own, I mean you called during your campaign against Mark Pryor you called for a special prosecutor for the IRS.  How does this, when does this Russia allegation rise to that level in your mind?”

Cotton responds, “Well, I think that’s far down the road from what our inquiry might reveal in the intelligence committee or what the FBI’s inquiries might reveal. That’s something that can be decided down the road but right now there’s no credible evidence of these contacts beyond anonymous sources in the media. And I’ve got to tell you, anonymous sources can’t always be trusted.”

Of course CNN thinks anonymous sources are great as long as they are useful in attacking the administration, so Todd defends their use, saying, “Anonymous sources are how we found out about a lot of scandal in this country over time.”

Cotton gave the slimy hack a shot with both barrels, saying, “Anonymous sources said Steve Bannon drove from the White House to the Department of Homeland Security to confront John Kelly, which we now know is not the truth. That’s not like the tone of a conversation, that’s some one’s physical whereabouts. You cannot credit stories that are based upon anonymous sources. You should look into them, especially if you’re in a position of responsibility, but you can’t simply credit them.”

Obviously taking a beating in his attempt to elicit agreement that Trump should be attacked in such an absurd manner, Todd decides he’s got time for another “final question,” and shift to health care. These guys are real sleaze balls, doing whatever they’re told to earn their Obamabucks every day. And will someone tell Darrell Issa to shut his mouth flapping mouth?

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  1. if THE American people allow Obama and his liboturds to get away with this they will deserve everything they get …… Who do these people think they are ? Where is the Honor and Integrity in our National Leaders ? WHY PARTY OVER COUNTRY ??? …THIS MUST STOP !!!!!!

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