Obama’s Inauguration Day Letter To Trump Revealed – We Must Continue The Destruction

trump obama letter

The content of Obama’s letter to President Trump that he passed to him on inauguration day were the subject of some interest, as it had been kept confidential. As we now learn, it was more of the same Obama drivel.

What President Trump described as “a beautiful letter” left in the Oval Office for him by the pretend ‘president’ started off with an obligatory and insincere congratulations for beating the candidate he had broken the law, spied and physically assaulted through his army of Antifa, communists and BLM thugs to support.

Obama acknowledged that he didn’t know if any advice from him would be “particularly helpful,” but based it not on the fact that he’s a communism-supporting globalist but rather the complexities of the office. Still he couldn’t help himself and gave President Trump some pointers on how he would continue his destruction if it had been possible to sentence America to a third Obama term.

Obama said it’s important to build “ladders of success” for every child and family that are willing to work hard. Child labor is illegal but what he’s talking about is ladders of wealth redistribution and the every child he’s talking about is most certainly not required to be an American. That’s, as it was when he was pretending to be ‘president’ any child who can sneak in along with their conniving parents.

What Obama called American Leadership, the shedding of our role in the world as the economic and military powerhouse in order to spread our wealth around to the rest of the world in his global communism drive must continue. He wrote, “It’s up to us, through action and example, to sustain the international order that’s expanded steadily since the end of the Cold War and upon which our wealth and safety depend.”

That continued expansion will lead to a world government under the UN, with the United States subjugating its Constitution to “world law,” which will likely include components of Sharia. The exact opposite of what Obama claims is the reality, our wealth and safety depend upon a return to America first and the ending of his anti-American and racist policies.

The most lawless individual demonstrates again he’s also the most hypocritical. The person most responsible for subverting the Constitution in our history, which he continues to this day through his agitator leftist judges, claims that he and President Trump are “guardians of those democratic institutions and traditions – like rule of law, separation of powers, equal protection and civil liberties, that our forbearers fought and bled for.” He’s right about President Trump and a complete unabashed liar when it comes to himself.

Those are all avenues through which Obama manipulated the government into a communist and globalist, anti-white, pro-Islamic, pro-communist direction. The only time any of them were important was in furthering his agenda, his attack on America.

He goes on to say, “It’s up to us to leave those instruments of our democracy at least as strong as we found them.” It’s no secret and was Obama’s intention that our Republic would be much weaker than when he found it, and much less secure. To that extent, and from the perspective of his world government comrades, the Obama pretend ‘presidency’ was a huge success. The rest of us trying to repair the damage and salvage our nation know the truth.

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