Obama’s Fear Of Confrontation Led To China Pirating Our Drone Sub

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Neil Cavuto notes the intense discussions in the mainstream propaganda media about Russia but, as is typically the case, there was not much discussion of China. Yet today China seized one of our unmanned submarines illegally, in what was clearly an act of aggression and intended to send a message. The seizure took place in full view of the oceanographic vessel that was doing the work and over the demands that the Chinese stop what they’re doing. They simply ignored the scientists and took their sub.

Cavuto plays a clip from 2010 in which Donald Trump was worried about China, noting that they have long been his concern, not so much the Russians. General Jack Keane offers his view that both Russia and China want to disrupt the current world order “that the United States has led in establishing from post World War 2. They no longer see that international order in their national interest and they are methodically going about trying to disrupt it and eventually trying to eliminate it.”

He says, “That is what is happening in the South China Sea with the militarization of it. The Chinese have now unfolded a strategy, which they have kept secret for a long time and many of us didn’t know for sure where they were heading, and that clearly is that China fully intends to dominate the Pacific and dominate Asia and they’re going to use their military to assist in achieving that level of control.”

Cavuto addresses their recent practice of militarizing islands that don’t belong to them and appearing to be throwing it into Donald Trump’s face to see what he does. Cavuto asks, “What should he do?”

Keane says “First of all we have to make up our mind that the United States’ national interests are at stake here and those of our allies. Keane says we have to understand there will be confrontations, it’s inevitable. We should not be afraid of a confrontation, try to avoid it if we can. But what we don’t want to do is to have a confrontation lead to conflict.”

“But the fear of confrontation, which I believe the Obama administration has done now for eight years” has emboldened Russia and China. He believes they need to understand we’re not going to be pushed around. That’s a message they should have gotten by now, but if not they certainly will understand within a short time following the inauguration. Things are changing, America will be great again. We want the sub back.

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