Obama’s CAIR Also Defending McMaster Against Trump Patriot Base

mcmaster trump

The wagons are circling around HR McMaster, filled with globalists, establishment uniparty operatives, deep state tools, Obama loyalists and holdovers, never-Trumpers, Democrats and special interest, identity politics leeches. They’re protecting him, attempting to come between McMaster and the Trump base of American patriots who want him gone.

Why is it that this is the type of support he garners? Why is it that George Soros foot soldiers and UN, global government types rush to offer their support? Why is it that it’s obvious to most observers but the one person who most needs to be aware of it, President Trump, can’t seem to see it? Despite President Trump’s declaration that McMaster is his friend and one of us, he’s not his friend and he’s in no way one of us. He’s one of the enemy, an Obama Soros tool supported by leftists of every stripe.

Yesterday it was Susan Rice in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, defending and expressing her support for McMaster, who had extended her security clearance and arbitrarily declared her innocent in the unmasking of President Trump and other Americans. She and Hillary Clinton and their co-conspirators can all still access our most sensitive information despite having demonstrated themselves to be untrustworthy, corrupt, and willing to do bad things with it for a profit or political gain.

A week ago, on August 3rd, sensing that their comrade is under siege in his National Security Council kingdom, CAIR snuck their wagon into the circle. They tweeted in his defense what is a very telling show of support for one of their own. They celebrated when General Flynn was forced out because he recognized, as does President Trump, the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Now it’s the complete opposite situation, patriotic Americans who understand and are aware of McMaster’s compromised loyalties and disloyalty to the President and his positions that are consistent with Hussein Obama and contrary to President Trump, are trying to have the trash thrown out by making the President aware that there’s a den of snakes at his feet. CAIR is speaking out to protect their enabler.

They tweeted, “#CAIR Islamophobia Watch: Islamophobes, white supremacists launch campaign to oust H.R. McMaster after he fired… they referenced a leftist slanted Newsweek article describing the firing of three patriots from the NSC, which he is molding into the type of globalist, leftist organization that Hillary Clinton or Hussein Obama would be proud of.

President Trump is good but he’s not perfect and in the case of HR McMaster, he’s just plain wrong. The sooner he learns he’s embracing the enemy the better off he and the rest of us will be. Thanks, CAIR, for the tweet, making the anti-McMaster case much easier to argue and providing a visual aid for the presentation.

My apologies to those of you offended by the image below – that’s the only copy of the video I could find, and I looked long and hard.


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