Obama Treated And Paid Like A King – Coming Out Party As Globalists’ World Spokesman

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It’s hard to imagine that Hussein Obama gets paid anything for speaking, for spewing noxious gas out of the gaping blowhole under his upturned nose. Patriotic Americans might consider paying him to shut up or to go away somewhere, like Kenya, never to be seen again. Paying him to lecture us with the same, tired, worn-out drivel is unfathomable to those of us who start squirming five seconds into one of his faux-folksy, condescending YouTube sales pitches.

But Obama doesn’t speak to patriots, he speaks to traitors, America-haters, communists, fascist globalists, and the large ignorant-human and subhuman populations, both domestically and internationally. His record of the strategic transfer of American cash, prosperity, competitive edge, industry and technology – our future, to others while imposing stifling, crippling regulations and restrictions on America’s economy and industry has made him the darling of those who want to take our place on the world stage. Obama leads those who believe we’re the great Satan and not only deserve to be dethroned as the leaders of the free world, but destroyed in the process. Who says there should even be such a thing as a free world, right Barry?

The America haters have a lot of money and Hussein Obama is their voice, so they want to keep him talking and well-funded. That’s happening in a speech in Milan, Italy on Tuesday, to the tune of an obscene payday of over $3.2 million. Best of all, the narcissist gets to stand in front of adoring morons and continue the theatrics he began in 2009, those of pretending he’s a president or king.  

Obama will be blathering before a sold-out crowd at the Global Food Innovation Summit.  He’s one of those guys who knows better but claims “green energy” is both feasible and our future because that’s where the new money is. The foundation was laid over the last 8 long years with the incessant claims that the earth is attacking us for CO2 use. Sure, it’s a lie and there absolutely no evidence of any of the supposed catastrophes or their lead up events having occurred anywhere. But a lie repeated often enough became the “truth.” Now Obama’s building on that foundation. It’s all part of the set up and Milan is about the payoff. He’s going to lecture the gullible people and his fellow opportunistic exploiters about the wisdom of giving him and them control over the world’s food supply.

Of course Obama can’t be expected to stay at the Super 8 – Milan. It’s nothing but the best for the pretend ‘president’ so he and our tax-payer funded entourage of Secret Service agents will be occupying two floors of the Park Hyatt hotel, with room rates running up to $9,000 per night.

He traveled in a convoy of 14 vehicles, with a helicopter and 300 man police escort, bringing the city to a standstill. Did anyone tell the Europeans that this fraud is out of office? Do Italians always give mobsters this type of royal treatment? Is this what the Pope gets?

Additionally, the peasants, the Italian common folks who don’t matter and tourists alike, who might have been planning to visit the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana Museum and the city’s cathedral were out of luck. Private citizen Obama must be served. He’s getting private tours and that means the ordinary rabble must keep out. His Majesty is too good to be exposed to their kind.

Obama will speak at an event called Seeds and Chips, supposedly on the impact that technology, innovation and climate change will have on food availability and production worldwide. It’s more likely the UN globalist exploiters’ program of how to manipulate and capitalize on the brainwashing that has been done regarding the climate change hoax, and implement technology and distribution methods favorable to their takeover into the mix. Of course that technology doesn’t come cheap and yes, he’ll surely be involved in that process as well, directly or indirectly. Think of it as Solyndra for your tummy.

Obama’s being treated like and being paid better than royalty as he and his fellow conspirators manipulate their way into control over world food production. Look for the UN to be involved in transferring this “technology and innovation” to developing nations under their Agenda 2030 and Paris Climate Hoax Agreements. And if the US stays in the Paris Climate Hoax, as Ivanka Trump is pressuring her dad to do, expect the American people to be the first having their wallets pick-pocketed to pay for it.


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8 Comments on Obama Treated And Paid Like A King – Coming Out Party As Globalists’ World Spokesman

  1. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 10, 2017 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    What are the odds that 1) Hussein Obama will ever be tried for his crimes against the USA ? 2) Ivanka Trump will convince her father Donald Trump to stay on in the Paris Climate Hoax Agreement ?

    Anyone willing to hazard a guess ? Rick Wells ? Kelleigh Nelson ? Alex Newman ?

    • I’d guess 5% that Hussein Obama goes on trial, let alone is convicted and as for Ivanka I’ll go 50/50 but I’m leaning that she’ll fail. so 55/45 we win, ivanka and the globalists lose.

      • CARLOS DESOUZA // May 10, 2017 at 4:04 pm // Reply

        Thanks, Rick. Just 5% that a traitor and criminal like Hussein will even go on trial ?? Very disappointing, for me. I had thought that the odds were 75% that Hussein would either be locked up for good or hanged by the neck. And, only 55/45 that Trump will overrule Ivanka ? I would have thought that here the odds were 95/5.

        Just proves how little I know. Live and learn 🙂 I am a realist but am still hoping I am proven right with respect to the biggest traitor the US has ever known.

        Thanks again, Rick.

  2. No one but liberals with mental disorders will pay to hear this illegal speak with the exception of liberal colleges/universities that will pay him with our tax$$ to bring him in to turn as many blank minds to liberalism of untruths about our country.

  3. At the risk of appearing to fawn over Rick Wells, I have to say this article is, like so many others, extraordinarily well written. It satisfies everything I really need to hear and which everyone should read. Kelleigh Nelson and Alex Newman and Rick Wells are three of my favorite investigative journalists. Where were you Mr. Wells in 2008? Or didn’t I know, since I discovered this site only a few months ago. Just sayin’.

    • Thanks Marlene – I was rubbing my eyes and shaking my head in 2008, just like you, in disbelief at what I was observing. A little fawning never hurt anybody. lol

  4. Hey Congress, we demand you take back obama-the-traitor’s taxpaid PENSION – at the very least. Of course, sending him a bill for what he stole from us would even better.

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