Obama Terrorist Allies Behind Assassination Of Russia Ambassador

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Aleksey Pushkov, the Chairman of the Federation Council Mass Media Committee offers his insights on a variety of timely issues, including the assassination of the Russia Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov. First he’s asked to weigh in on the new negotiations for peace in Syria and the exclusion of the United States from participating.

Pushkov says, “I would like first to express skepticism about the role of the Obama administration in the solution of the Syrian conflict. Actually, the administration did everything in its capacity to defend the so-called ‘moderate opposition,’ which is in fact very closely connected with the jihadists groups in Syria.” He points out the evidence became known that earlier that same day proving the connection between al-Nusra terrorists supported by Obama and the murderer of the Russian ambassador.

He says, “And these are the people that Secretary John Kerry tried to win a pause for so that they can strengthen their position, get new ammunition, and start again their military actions.”

Pushkov believes American influence is waning in a number of Middle East countries for the reason that the Obama regime has “engaged in a course of regime change that they were not capable of following. Democracies did not come instead of regimes.” What came was “chaos, instability and terrorism.” While viewing the cards being played by the United States as weak, he says he’s been comforted by the “statement made by Donald Trump, who said that the recent terrorist acts in Switzerland, in Berlin and in Ankara, should make the civilized world to change its thinking. Now, is the Obama administration capable of changing its thinking? I am sure it is not.”

He goes on to detail how Russia finally ceased the dialogue with the Obama operatives because there was no substance and an endless series of stalls designed to assist the jihadists. The goals of the new Trump administration, he believes, are consistent with the people of Russia, Europe and America, placing the appropriate emphasis on fighting these terrorists that Obama currently supports.

As for the murder of Ambassador Karlov, Pushkov is certain it was in retaliation for Syria by the same terrorists that Obama has supported, as it came on the day following the announcement of victory over the terrorists by Russia and the Syrian Army in liberating Aleppo.

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