Obama Steals Another $500 Million For UN Climate Slush Fund

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Obama is effectively shouting out to his critics, “You were right,” in his final days as an illegal alien squatting in our White House. On Tuesday his corrupt State Department announced it had shifted another $500 million from the American treasury into the UN Green Climate Slush Fund created by Obama as yet another means of using the climate hoax to stick his filthy hands into our pockets.

The second installment means that a billion dollars has been flushed down the green drain, with the first $500 million of Obama’s pledged $3 billion going to the UN last March. Perhaps the third world despot recipients will choose to show their appreciation by returning a portion of Mr. Obama’s generosity personally.

The move was not well received by Congress, particularly with it coming just three days ahead of the inauguration of President Trump and with full knowledge by the perpetrators of his intent to eliminate or significantly curtail such abuse early in his administration.

Senator John Barrasso was vocal in criticism of the illegal shift of funds that were never appropriated by Congress on the first installment. Why nothing was done to prevent this second theft is anyone’s guess, but once again Barrasso is leading the collective foot stomping. On Tuesday he called the stealing of another $500 million by Obama “an insult to American taxpayers.”

He said, “The hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars the Obama administration spent on the United Nations Green Climate Fund were never approved by Congress. The Obama administration is now sending this slush fund another $500 million in its final days in the White House,” Barrasso added. “This is a complete disregard for the will of the voters and an insult to American taxpayers.” That’s true, Senator, what are you going to do about it?

The official double speak began almost immediately, with State Department spokesliar John Kirby saying the pilferage was a continuation of “U.S. government support by this and prior administrations for climate change programs through multilateral funds.” Was an appropriation for “multilateral funds” made by Congress? What exactly are “multilateral funds,” Kirby, disposable, untraceable despot mad money?

He went on to say, “The GCF [Green Slush Fund] supports developing nations in their efforts to achieve those objectives and to become more resilient to climate change – in turn, reducing the global and national security risks associated with inadequate adaptation to and preparedness for extreme weather events and other climate related impacts.”  So to keep third worlders from attacking us based upon false conclusions that arise because they believed the global warming lie that we peddled to them in the first place we’re giving them “climate resilience” money. We do so knowing their pathetic records on accountability and financial controls. It sure sounds like a fraud, through the filters of the UN and third world hellholes.

Not surprisingly, the radical climate alarmists at “Friends of the Earth” applauded Obama’s monkey business “for providing this urgently needed money to the Green Climate Fund as one of his final acts before leaving office.”

Friends of the Earth’s director of economic policy, Karen Orenstein revealed a glimpse into the true nature of the group, saying, “Republicans in Congress should never have made it so difficult for the world’s wealthiest country to assist the world’s poor as they struggle daily to feed their families and make ends meet on a warming planet.” Assist means redistribute wealth, and Republicans are being portrayed as bad guys for making that a difficult process. That means, conversely, the real bad guys are the Democrats and RINOs who want to make taking our money and giving it away to others quick and easy.

It’s no longer about the temperature, it’s about our responsibility to provide global welfare, so that our new dependents, the third worlders, can make their ends meet.

She adopted the familiar demanding, entitled tone that all of these parasites rely upon, saying, “The incoming Trump administration and Congress must not play politics with the moral and legal obligation of the US to provide assistance through the Green Climate Fund for those whose lives and livelihoods are today being devastated by climate change.” She added, “This must not be twisted into some kind of game to score anti-science political points; the health, well-being and even survival of children and their families are at stake here.”

Whoever this green witch is, she needs to just shut the heck up. We have no obligation, it’s all bull crap created for the purpose of exactly what is now happening, green extortion. Any devastation, real or imagined is not our responsibility to fix or to mitigate.

The gravy train just crashed into the Trump train. It was completely derailed and there’s gravy everywhere. Enjoy it, that’s your last helping.

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