Obama Spy Master Rice Won’t Testify Before Congress – Worthless Token Provided Instead

rice power

No sooner was the testimony of the suspected former coordinator of the Obama domestic dirty tricks and spying operations, Susan Rice announced than it was suddenly cancelled, postponed until she’s better able to hide her crimes and those of other Obama insiders, it would appear.

The House intelligence committee is led by Democrat Ranking Member Adam Schiff despite unknown and never heard from Rep Mike Conaway having been named as acting witch hunt chairman. Schiff was effectively promoted following the railroading of Devin Nunes by George Soros and his front organizations on fabricated ethics “concerns,” with the blessing of establishment RINO, Speaker Ryan.

Now what has become Schiff and the Democrats’ vehicle of attacking President Trump, the Intelligence Committee’s Russia, Russia Russia panel, has decided to delay Rice’s scheduled testimony. Let’s get past that delayed characterization, it clearly was never going to happen. If her name was ever actually put on a calendar, it was done only as a deception of the American people with the full expectation and knowledge that it would be taken back off.

Rice, the notorious liar from Benghazi, can’t be compelled to tell the truth because that would expose the extensive criminal activity of Obama, his cronies and his deep state operatives in the Intelligence agencies. She’s relatively safe; They’ll find any excuse they can short of giving her the Loretta Fuddy treatment to protect her from having to testify. Rice might want to decline any invitations to visit Hawaii.

As a pacifying diversion, we’re being offered a substitute witness, the Irish-born, naturalized at 23, liberal freak show Samantha Power. While she surely is crooked and has, as the former UN Ambassador, been involved in the crimes of Obama, Kerry, Clinton, the State Department, intelligence agencies and the deep state, she does have more wiggle room than Rice. She has a secret weapon as well – witnessing the grotesque Ms. Power wiggling is enough to make anyone forget the question they had just asked.

Her involvement likely isn’t as direct, specific or targeted as was Rice’s and there are a lot of avenues for her to travel down in avoiding honestly responding to the tough questions, should she somehow actually be asked one. She may have no paper trail or evidence linking her to the Obama domestic spying, meaning her criminality won’t be discovered and she effectively serves as a witness protecting the Democrat spies. We’re told she might testify before the August recess.

Rep Mike Conaway, who is pretending to be the GOP leader of the witch hunt complained last week of the “frustratingly slow” pace of the “investigation.” He said, “We’re all in this instant gratification world that we’ve created for ourselves and the fact that it takes response times, you get lawyers involved, back and forth organizing — that’s frustrating,” Thanks, Rep Conaway, at least now we understand why you never open your mouth and Schiff is walking all over you.

The real leader, “Shifty” Adam Schiff (D-CA), said, “Our decisions on scheduling are made based on what’s best for the investigation — not based on what’s best for any particular witness.” By investigation he means what’s most damaging to the President and what can be most effectively distorted.

Representatives for Conaway and Schiff could not be reached for comment about the Rice and Power testimony but we can be sure Shifty will be out spinning it for the Democrats soon and just as certain we’ll here not a peep out of the Republicans, the supposed majority party.


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