Obama Soros Radicals Stage Paid Events Nationwide Targeting President Trump

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The fake news specialists at CNN can’t even get a simple intro right without sanitizing it for the consumption of pliable idiots. The male announcer says “There was pepper spray into the crowd, to get everyone under control.” While the police, when they eventually showed up, may have used pepper spray, the first to use it were the AntiFa leftist radicals, and it was done to injure the patriots. Report it accurately, CNN, the Soros Obama leftists attacked peaceful pro-Trump patriots, using physical violence and the police did nothing for much of the day, allowing it to happen.

They then get on to the subject they really want to give attention to, the supposedly organic marches, a tax day protest that took place in 200 cities “according to organizers.” Who were those organizers? That’s a question that President Trump has asked and one that will not be answered if it’s up to CNN and their ilk. We already know who’s behind all of this “community organizing,” Obama, Soros and their lackeys, through a massive web of his Open Society network, OFA and other organizations, are attacking the President and the American people, buying themselves time and attempting to generate ill will towards the administration in hopes of a victory in 2018 and 2020.

The talking point reciter, Tom Foreman, says the main message of the “protesters” is that they “really need to see the President’s tax returns. It has been customary for Presidents for many years.” Customary is not the same as required by law, lefties. Trump’s starting a new custom, not revealing tax returns.

Revealing the true nature of the radicals, Foreman rattled off other points they wanted addressed that read like a Tom Perez rant from DNC headquarters, aside from the lack of profanity. He pointed out the protests of his supposed relationship with Russia, the guy whose puppet he just launched a cruise missile strike on.

They were also there to press a “living wage for people and immigration issues.” He characterized it as “all of that came to a head,” when it’s already part of the Democrat globalist platform. Nothing came together, as he is trying to pretend. It’s who they are, what they promote, it’s Hillary Clinton, Hussein Obama, DNS propaganda top to bottom; just like CNN.

This motley gathering of misfits are the same ones who have engaged in physical violence orchestrated by the Obama White House and Clinton campaigns against then-candidate Trump. They’ve adopted slightly different cover stories and group names but it’s the same people, the same garbage in a different colored bag.


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4 Comments on Obama Soros Radicals Stage Paid Events Nationwide Targeting President Trump

  1. If you are expecting CNN to report correctly, you can forget it. How do they keep in business?

  2. Is it possible that this movement is intentionally leading towards a class/civil war? Feels like it.

    • Rick Wells // April 18, 2017 at 2:14 am // Reply

      I’d say it’s more than possible, David – chaos followed by their brand of order out of chaos

  3. Protest by the dumb asses.

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