Obama Says Still A Chance Americans Can Be Victims Of Climate Deal

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The communist agent who snared the United States into what he thought was an inescapable trap that doomed us to a lowered standard of living and pillaging by the rest of the world says we’re not out of the woods yet. He thinks it’s still possible that the United States can be destroyed through the hoax of a “climate change” agreement. We should know by now that our progressive enemies never give up.

In a Tuesday speech to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, the former pretend ‘president’ said that the US-funded global government welfare program he likes to call a climate agreement still has a chance despite what he termed a “temporary absence of American leadership.” Since he’s not an American, and absence of American leadership is the situation we faced between 2009 and 2017, it’s a condition he should be an expert on.

Then again things are different now. President Trump isn’t trying to destroy America and that he’s actually representing the American people instead of preying upon us in service to the globalist cabal. Obama told his audience of his elation with the lip service given to him by US states, cities and corporations, promising to bankrupt themselves on behalf of meeting the “climate” objectives. Let’s see how quickly shareholders react to that kind of “leadership,” Obama. It’ll make Target’s share values taking a flushing down the same-sex toilet look like a success story.

Obama said, “Obviously I’m disappointed with the current American administration decision to pull out of Paris.  We’re going to have to act with more urgency. I’m looking forward to the United States being a leader and not just on the sidelines going forward.” There’s that commie code word, again, “forward.” And it’s always a climate emergency with these people. They don’t want their intended victims to take time to think, or to allow them to see that the disasters are all in the movies like what happened to Al Gore. Trust Obama; act now or we’re all doomed, or at least their narrative is doomed.

Obama said many jobs have been created in clean industries over the last decade, although he ignored the tremendous costs in subsidies underpinning each one. He said, “For all those jobs that were lost in coal, many multiples of jobs were gained in the solar industry but those didn’t get advertised.” Obama claimed he was adding jobs throughout his illicit tenure. If they didn’t get advertised it’s because, beyond vague generalities, they don’t exist.

He said the costs of clean energy have become comparable to “dirty” energy and that has changed the economics of investment in industry. As he reached around with both hands to pat himself on the back, Obama said, “All that work that we did is now embedded by decisions by companies around America and around the world. It’s not as if Wal-Mart is now going to suddenly reverse itself. They are going to continue to build on the clean energy they’ve invested in because it’s going to save them money.” To Hussein Obama, not retooling back to your better first option after you’ve been sold a bill of goods due to the expense of the duplicate investment is saving money. Wal-Mart’s trapped, just like we were until President Trump liberated us.

Obama, claims he’s destroying our economy for the sake of his “daughters,” the girls there are no baby pictures of or photos of Michael when he was pregnant. He says he’s hugely invested in dealing with climate change because he has daughters and he will at some point have some granddaughters. “This won’t likely affect me as much as it will affect them. If we don’t act now then it is going to be that much more difficult for the next generation to deal with the warming of the planet.”

The great deceiver added a bit of egghead philosophical-type blather, saying, “History also shows there is a better way. Canada shows, the United States, Europe, Japan show it is possible for us to overcome our fears and to reach across our divides.”

The audience was clearly all Obama sycophants, as nobody is reported to have vomited in response to his patronizing drivel. Nobody asked if he flew a private jet or went commercial either. They don’t really care about emissions. Now’s your chance, Canada, while you’ve got this great “global citizen” in your country. Grant him citizenship, and please, keep him.


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5 Comments on Obama Says Still A Chance Americans Can Be Victims Of Climate Deal

  1. Shirley Freeland // June 7, 2017 at 9:09 pm // Reply

    There is a U Tube video of John Coleman talking about global warming and how Al Gore is the one who keeps it alive. Gore had a professor at Harvard who planted the seed of CO2 causing the earth to warm but later he said he was wrong about it and Al Gore said the man was senile and made the movie and made millions off his lies about global warming. The earth has only warmed 1 degree over 100 years or more. Coleman also talked about the ice age and how the earth has warmed since the ice age and in a few thousand years there will be another ice age occurring. He said CO2 has increased but it has no effect on global warming because there is none. He is not only a scientist but he is the founder of the Weather Channel. The professor who thought that the earth was warming and later said it wasn’t was an Oceanographer by profession. Coleman also said that the oceans did rise after the ice age because of all the melting but the ocean isn’t rising any more. It’s all a big hoax and thank goodness President Trump didn’t fall for the scheme.

  2. Of course Hussein is disappointed, he won’t be getting any royalties from the Paris accord because Trump got us out in time. As it stands now, Hussein Obama collects royalties from “Obama Care”. I would love for this Socialist Muslim to forget about the American tax money he can no longer make profits on.

  3. Every person knows about climate change. Well, only this morning it was sunny and by afternoon it was raining like hell. So why pay for something the good lord will kick your ass for if you try to change.

  4. Very good commentary, Rick. Thanks.

    The Truthers need to marshal their info on this man-made Climate Change canard and put it out in front of the people every time the NWO gang attempts to engage in some more brainwashing of them on this subject. Or any other, for that matter.

    This is war. We need to start treating it like it is. The other side certainly is.

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