Obama Rewriting History, Promises He’s Not Going Anywhere

obama fabricate legacy

obama fabricate legacy

Obama’s New Year’s Eve message is setting the stage for the next phase of his public life, that of the annoying insect that buzzes around President Trump and the American citizenry’s nostrils and ears, intent on completing the destruction that Hillary Clinton was supposed to be joining him in after his dictatorship ended. Now it’s up to Obama and George Soros to navigate another path to control America’s future, that of the community organizer, racist, communist Islamic agitator working to craft chaos and an end to what’s left of our representative government “by the people.” From that definition it will clearly just be a continuation of the last eight years and he’s already gotten the balls rolling.


Obama begins by thanking the American people for everything they’ve done to make America stronger over the last eight years. He doesn’t look like he’s been drinking smoking or coking, eyes are clear, lips fairly normal in tint. It’s clearly just Obama projecting himself as the leader he never was, intended to correct our own “misguided” observations and thinking.

According to this great story teller – liar, when he “took office,” an accurate depiction of how things developed since he lacks the citizenship to be president, America was on the brink of a depression. he ignores the fact that under his administration, we remained in a self-induced one for eight years, complete with false employment numbers that remove those who’ve been out of work the longest from the totals and import cheap replacement workers from abroad. Where a man used to provide for his family working one job in this nation and the wife was able, if she so chose to do, to stay at home and raise the family, both parents must now work, often more than one job just to make ends meet. Thanks for saving us from that “Depression,” Obama.

The phony pretend ‘president’ cites billions of “new jobs” created without mentioning how many were lost, or the negative difference between what was paid by the old and what those great new Burger King jobs offer. He also ignores the fact that most of the new jobs created have gone to legal or illegal immigrants. American citizens want too much money, they want to be able to support their families on their earnings, better hire a border crasher. Give the Americans some food stamps to keep them quite.


But Obama is warning us.  He cites some of his many failures as distorted successes, but his work is not done. Somehow America has survived so he’s going to be sticking around to complete his “agenda,” a sampling of which he lays out towards the end of the video, the big jobs “that are going to take all of us working together.”

Guess it’s too much to expect anything presidential out of this impostor after he leaves the White House as well. He’s an Alinsky agitator pushing communism and world government, the beliefs he was raised in. Obama pledges to be there with us every step of the way, though nobody invited him to join us. We were really just enjoying the prospect of him becoming invisible and ceasing to be a destructive factor in our lives.

He promises to fight inequality, the very comment we would expect from a commie who intends to remain in the shadows as a hybrid agitator-former dictator. He wishes us a “happy and blessed” 2017. If he truly meant those words, he’d be saying goodbye, not see you soon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t. Obama meant what he said, he’s going to continue to be a swollen, inflamed hemorrhoid on the American citizenry. There’s no such thing as “Prepartation O” to put him in his place or to relieve the irritation.


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9 Comments on Obama Rewriting History, Promises He’s Not Going Anywhere

  1. The Democrat or the alt-Left, before they rewrite history as they are presently trying to do.

    They are Fake News = CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, NBC, CBS, PBS, BBC, WaPo, HuffPo, WSJ, NPR,TIME etc. etc.
    They are the Traitors = George Soros and all of his minions John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, HR McMaster, David Petreaus, John Kelly, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John O. Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, John Podesta etc. etc.
    They are the The DC sewer rat’s
    They were the Confederates.
    They were the slave owners.
    They are the Muslim brotherhood another group of terrorists.
    They are the KKK.
    They are the Nazi’s.
    They are supporters of Neo Nazi’s Svoboda in the Ukraine. At a cost of $5 billion out of tax payers pockets.
    They are the Antifa terrorist.
    They are the BLM terrorists.
    They are the Islamic terrorist.
    They hate freedom of speech.
    They want to disarm the American public.
    They want to destroy America.
    They want to become part of The New World Order.
    They want to be dictators of the world.
    They love starting wars to steal other countries resources.
    They are in bed with the deep state.
    They control all the lying lame stream media around most of the world.
    They give weapons to ISIS and Al Qaeda including Depleted uranium and Sarin Gas munitions.
    They get many of their marching orders from George Soros.
    They are part of the present day sex slave trade. Laura Silsby was convicted of kidnapping 33 Haitian children, was saved by the Clintons, changed her name to Laura Gayler and now works for the U.S. Gov. – She works for “Amber Alerts”, a service which deals with locating missing children.
    They are even into selling body parts from where ever they can get them.
    They will sell anything they can get their hands on.
    They will murder anyone they deem is a threat including whistleblowers.
    They are involved in the drug trade for at least the last 60 years at least.
    They’ve supplied the drug cartels in Mexico with guns.
    They’ve supported illegal immigration into the US for votes and slave labour.
    They are responsible for spreading lies and propaganda around the world.
    They have murdered American citizens to steal their land and possessions.
    They have murdered journalist to shut them up.
    They will Lie, cheat, steal, blackmail, spread lies, manufacture lies, to get what they want.
    They are trying to rewrite history because their history is full of hate, racism, destruction, Agitation, corruption and terrorism.
    They want to censor the Internet so they can control all the propaganda in the world.
    They are hell-bent on destroying every country in the world by using the most dangerous death cult in the world through mass immigration. They are responsible for many false flag events around the world and in the US.
    They are the most corrupt and destructive group in the history of the world.

    But what else could you expect when their roots go back to socialism, communism.

  2. Diversity training is put together to inform employees that the company is going to be hiring dimwits that aren’t really qualified to do their job. Because if they were qualified to do the job there’d be no reason to shove diversity up everyone’s ass. Either you can do the job or you can’t it is that simple.
    But because very big companies have to try and look politically correct for the left-wing parasites in hiring every color and sex under the rainbow including transgender’s, regardless of qualifications. {Asians, Jews and white males need not apply}, unless they see them self as black, Mexican, Mohammedian, female or some sort of transgender idiot.
    The company doesn’t even care if you can tie your own shoelaces, just as long as you are from some minority group or pretend to be and can walk and talk, good enough. Education don’t worry about it is not a necessity. And if you happen to be the village idiot you could be running HR or become CEO before you know it. And don’t worry about being on time, your special whenever you make it in that’s good enough. And if you happen to get lucky enough to get on a team that has an average IQ of 150 or higher and you happen to be barely at a 60 IQ don’t worry you won’t it be expected to compete with them. And if you make a stupid comment that makes absolutely no sense and they laugh at you, just scream racism and run to HR crying and all those high IQ employees will be fired and the company will be forced to hire more idiots to make you feel at home. And eventually the company will collapse because all they’ll have working for them is dimwits that don’t have a clue. Isn’t socialism grand.

    How do you think Obama became president? Simple because George Soros needed a black puppet to look good that could do as he was told. If you don’t believe me just ask George Soros. But Obama shouldn’t feel bad, He is not the only treasonous unqualified politician that is owned by George Soros. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, HR McMaster, David Petreaus, John Kelly, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John O. Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Merkel, Justin Trudeau and many other scumbags from around the world that are willing to destroy their own country because George Soros a Nazi collaborator pays them to do it. Is this capitalism or communism? I think it is just a mix of terrorism and treason.

  3. The leftists communists scum are continually trying to rewrite history. For whose benefit? For what ever lie there trying to push at the present time. Truth and facts just get in their way, so they make up any BS they want to suit their needs.

    A good film to check out is There’s No Place Like Utopia a Joel Gilbert film. if you’d like to see the truth. It is a documentary worth seeing.

  4. Mary Sekera // January 2, 2017 at 1:15 pm // Reply

    Obama’s term is DONE when Donald J. Trump gets sworn at his Inauguration. He has absolutely no right to interfere with the Trump Administration! Did Bush interfere with his? The American voters spoke! And, We, The People voted for Donald Trump in a landslide vote!! Trump won, despite ALL of the voter fraud perpetrated on Hillary’s behalf. And, by the way, from what I’ve read lately, there is PROOF that his Birth Certificate is fraudulent. He was an ILLEGAL President of the U.S.A.! My question now is, WHO will address this?? WHO?? He is a Usurper!!

  5. Here comes the truck… watch out everybody… BOOM!

    There goes bozo, got run over by the truck. Sorry bozo. You should’ve gone home to Indonesia. You will be missed by all your sicko muslim friends.

    You’re really sick, bozo.

  6. Edie Faylor // January 2, 2017 at 9:47 am // Reply

    Bring Hillary and John Podesta down/with the Clinton Foundation and I bet Hillary will sing like a bird and bring him down!

  7. Patricia Anno // January 2, 2017 at 8:44 am // Reply

    He could be arrested for sedition.

  8. Eldon Andersebn // January 2, 2017 at 8:05 am // Reply

    Obammer needs to be in prison !!

  9. Obama is DEAD MAN WALKING!

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