Obama Rewards “Hamilton” Racists For Attack On Pence With WH Invitation

hamilton white house obama

hamilton white house obama

Maybe you’ve got to have a predisposition towards rap or at a minimum a tolerance for it. It’s the kind of penchant for mindless rhymes that is formulated during early childhood and most of us of older generations either never had any interest in whatsoever or outgrew by the time we could put our own socks on.


The cadence that grew out of hood rats standing around on street corners rather than working and spitting tunes rather than actually learning an instrument. That talentless combination was then heralded as a new musical style, one that has, like common bread mold, diminished the appeal of everything it contaminates through contact.

You knew when the cast of the Broadway production “Hamilton” disrespected Vice President-elect Pence that it was only a matter of time and scheduling before the small girly-man occupying the White House, Hussein Obama, would find a an excuse and a way to have them in for a command performance.

They’re not only Democrats willing to subject the incoming Vice President to the indignity of a public lecture from leftist racists, they’re Obama – Clinton supporters. Now they’ve got notoriety, rudeness and infamy to add to their liberal “attraction,” they were a “must schedule” for the exiting black supremacy agitators.


 For those of you who are able to make it through the entire inane rhymes to the end, you may find a surprise or two; sorry, I can’t give you the normal summary. It was bordering on ear-bleeding torture for me to attempt to get through and not something I was able to do. I did stop at a segment at around the 4:30 point where they’re badmouthing rich people, the implication being rich crackers. Rich elites are the only ones who can afford to go and watch their crappy performance but they’re also snobbish enough not to care what some lowlife “street corner performers” brought indoors think about them.

It’s also worth noting that Alexander Hamilton, the central bank advocate that brought us what would later take form as the profiteering parasitic organization, The Federal Reserve, was a Caucasian. It’s not something that would matter to most folks, but since these racists in the cast are so anti-white people that they felt compelled to demean the Vice President-elect as he was attempting to make his way out of their overrated presentation, it seems like something that they might find uncomfortable. How can they be participants in an elevation of one of those evil, exploitative white dudes?


Then again, objections against portraying Hamilton based upon historical accuracy would require principles, something that takes a subordinate position to wealth accumulation, fame and the ability to abuse both in a most unworthy manner. They’re a perfect fit for a performance for the dictator before he is ushered curbside and 86’d from the premises.

Mr. Pence and President-elect Trump can both take pride in the fact that they were demeaned by the likes of these liberal trolls. The fact that Obama rewarded them for that misconduct speaks to the smallness of the man and his lack of respect for the proper way things are supposed to work.

He is, after all, the guy who removed our border protections by dictate, rewarding those who violate immigration law with residency and various shell games to become de Facto Americans. Who better to celebrate that type of illegitimacy than a gaggle of racist black people pretending that they’re whites. There’s no hypocrisy in that. Of course the cast of Hamilton was invited in to perform. 

And on the subject of the invitation, who covered their expenses? Who paid for their transportation and lodging and did they perform for free or was that billed to the American people in just another sticking it to the little guy by this self-obsessed faux-royalty parasite squatting in our house?

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