Obama Restaffs Al-Qaeda Bomb Schools With Released Experts From Gitmo

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Both Pete Hegseth and his guest, Ret Army Reserve Major Montgomery Granger, served at the Gitmo facility. Granger was the former ranking Army medical officer during his tenure. Hegseth notes that when they were there there were many more detainees being held than the current 55, of which 19 have had a “change of heart” and are now cleared for release by the jihadist in the White House, Hussein Obama.

Granger has identified four of the remaining fifty-five Gitmo detainees, what he calls the “nuclear weapons of the jihad.” He gives some details about each, highlighting the extreme anti-Americanism of Hussein Obama and his willingness to place innocent people into harm’s way. Granger says, “The ‘president’ is putting the first team back in, and these four guys could inspire acts of terror if they’re released.”

The Gitmo four include Sufyian Barhoumi, a senior explosives expert and trainer. In 2010 he was recommended for prosecution but that was before he decided “to change his ways.” The next detainee discussed is Abdul Latif Nasir, an associate of Bin Laden since 1993. He’s a top explosives expert and an instructor at the al-Qaeda training camp who also commanded Bin Laden’s troops at the front line.

The third up on the list for repatriation to the ranks of battlefield terrorist is Yasin Ismail, assessed prior to Obama’s jailbreak as being too dangerous to be released. Somehow that assessment was changed, apparently through pressure being applied to the evaluation personnel by those who base security decision upon political considerations.

Then there’s the fourth terrorist coming to an airport or neighborhood near you, Muieen Abdal Sattar, a community organizer of the inmates who led mass disturbances and threatened guards as well, a man after Obama’s own heart. Hegseth notes that they’ve looked these guys in the eyes and has no doubt that they intend to do as they proclaimed, return to the battle and kill Americans.

Granger summarizes the four saying, “Because of their skills, experience and disposition could successfully lead and inspire others in deadly operations against the US and our allies. Hegseth describes what we just saw as a scary picture, but a picture of what Barack Obama has done with our national security.

Obama is literally re-staffing the ranks of our enemy with some of their most dangerous captured Gitmo operatives and if anyone buys the claim that it’s a political decision to remove a recruitment tool so that it is no longer available to al-Qaeda and ISIS they’re an idiot. His goal in releasing these terrorists is simply to release terrorists. Everything else is just more Obama lies.

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8 Comments on Obama Restaffs Al-Qaeda Bomb Schools With Released Experts From Gitmo

  1. Robert Sugar // January 10, 2017 at 12:55 pm // Reply

    The Manchurian Muslim President as a good muslim takes care of his own at the expense of our freedom and national security.

  2. I agree with all of you. Can someone send your Comments to Trump’s Justice Department?

  3. Treason, plain and simple. I like the idea of THEM being put into Gitmo. Can’t wait for Jan 20, just hope we get there without our world blowing up.

  4. There is absolutely NOTHING that we “infidels” can do or say that will make these Islamic terrorists hate us any more…OR ANY LESS! If these “true believers” in radical terrorist jihad are released, their years of indoctrination will lead them very quickly back into the fray to aid, abet, facilitate and perpetrate the deaths of as many of us as they can.
    Obama has already proven that he does NOT care one smidgeon about the safety of American citizens and especially Christians of any nationality. (Just look how few Christian refugees he has permitted to immigrate here vs. the numbers of Muslims.)
    The wholesale directed release of violent criminals who are in this country illegally, plus Obama’s continuing efforts to “drain Gitmo” are prima facie evidence of his traitorous nature; and, he should be held criminally responsible for any American deaths that can be traced to the actions of any jihadi that he has ordered released.

  5. Reading this after hearing all about Meryl Streep’s public attack on Trump makes one realize that the Fox has not only had free reign of the hen house and all the power that holds, but a large portion of the American public are lost and stupid. But why are we allowing B. Hussein Obama to do this? Certainly neither our so-called Intelligence crowd nor the military would be at risk in any way. Oppose it!

  6. Congress can stop this, they have say over anyone being released or not. Do you job Congress, stop any and all releases now.

  7. TONYA PARNELL // January 9, 2017 at 3:57 pm // Reply


  8. Hadenoughalready // January 9, 2017 at 1:43 pm // Reply

    “of which 19 have had a “change of heart” and are now cleared for release”

    You may be able to charm a cobra but would you let it loose in your house? HELL NO!

    I can’t wait for treason charges to be filed against this shitbag admin. and all their minions. THEY belong in Gitmo!

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