Obama Pyramid Funding $1.5 Billion Short – What’s A Former Dictator To Do?

obama mooch library


It’s the modern day version of the pyramids in Egypt, presidential libraries that serve as monuments to the existence of the occupant of the White House for which it is named, driven more by their own opulence and narcissism than by their legacy of accomplishments, patriotism or even certified proof of their national origin or citizenship.

Obama defines opulence and narcissism, so his library will be overly extravagant. That would be the case even if he had been a great and genuine president. For an illegitimate failed foreign fraudster like him, an outhouse is more than he deserves.

The husband and wife architects with different last names, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien are saying they need a $1.5 billion endowment, triple the amount raised for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. They blame Obama’s scrupulously declining “to do much fund-raising while he was still in office” for the cash difficulties.

Apparently they were out of the country for the last eight years. There were only five things Obama did with his time – golf, schmooze, screw up America, vacation and fund-raise. Perhaps he could have spent less time on one of the other interests, say screwing up the country, but that is why he was there, duty called.

According to the plans, the cost will  be so high because it will require the construction of both a pretend presidential library as well as a museum about the lives of Hussein and the Mooch. It’s like building two pyramids, Obama is simply too great for just one. Maybe now we’ll get to see those pictures of the kids when they were babies and toddlers, the ones that have never been seen because they, like his birth certificate, don’t exist.

Federal requirements now dictate that former presidents, including pretend ones, must have larger endowments to pay for the annual operating costs of their libraries. Coloring books are expensive. Williams said, “It won’t be easy. It’s not just about preserving the past. It’s about the future.”

Apparently he’s been tipped off that Obama plans to become the Marxist rabble-rouser in chief beginning in March or April, the next chapter in our never-ending ordeal and one that only his confinement to Gitmo can save us from.

Most real presidents only have the preservation of their presidency to think of. Obama has to not only factor in the last eight years but the next twenty or thirty of his assault on our nation as an Alinsky radical into the design.

An outhouse is sounding like a better idea all the time. Mooch can have the top floor, Barry would be more comfortable in his natural surroundings, in the basement.



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12 Comments on Obama Pyramid Funding $1.5 Billion Short – What’s A Former Dictator To Do?

  1. “He did not to do much fund-raising in the White House, is pure bull! he was on his way to a fundraiser in Las Vegas while the Benghazi event went down. He should have said he was always fund-raising from the White House.

  2. Love the outhouse idea!!!

  3. That is a very astute observation. Since when is every president endowed with a presumably eternal monument to his term? Where is the George Washington Presidential Library? The Thomas Jefferson? Not even Lincoln got a Library monument. Nor did FDR. Who started this crap?

  4. The only suitable “monument” for bozo would be a hole in the ground near his favorite mosque in Indonesia.

  5. Dr. Deplorable // February 20, 2017 at 9:20 pm // Reply

    For an illegitimate failed foreign fraudster Muslim holding an Indonesian Citizenship,a prison cell is what O’Vomit deserves!

  6. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // February 20, 2017 at 8:42 pm // Reply

    An outhouse is sounding like a better idea all the time. Mooch can have the top floor, Barry would be more comfortable in his natural surroundings, in the basement.

    This says it ALL, they can stay in the liberal Cesspool where they belong, floating, floating among turds.

  7. TONYA PARNELL // February 20, 2017 at 7:25 pm // Reply


  8. Great article! Well done! Hopefully it is left out of the building budget.

  9. The best thing for America is deport or jail the Obamas and any other traitor that agrees with him…Most of America would go along with that

  10. Maybe they should contact George Soros…or some Muslim sheik for some financing. (Maybe Kenya will provide a little plot for his library.) If they put it in Chicago, it will be “tagged” before the first wall is up.

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