Obama Puppet Judge Watson, For A Third Time Usurps Trump On Travel Restrictions

obama watson

Federal Judge Derrick Watson seems to think that he’s also the Secretary of DHS, Secretary of State and President of the United States, as well as a top Imam of the new global caliphate, with the new capitol located in ocean-protected, refugee-free Honolulu, Hawaii.

The infamous Obama appointee and operative disgracing a federal bench in Hawaii has once again usurped President Trump on the matter of foreigner entry into the United States and blocked the implementation of his latest executive order restricting travel from dangerous countries.

In putting himself and the Democrats ahead of the authority of the President and security of the nation, Judge Watson wrote, “Although national security interests are legitimate objectives of the highest order, they cannot justify the public’s harms when the President has wielded his authority unlawfully.”

That’s sufficiently vague to keep him from having to pull a rabbit out of his hat or other location to explain where he gets off proclaiming himself as the successor on the throne to Emperor Obama. The ban includes North Korea, not exactly known for its Islamic adherents and heritage, but reality doesn’t matter, what’s important is what he says is important.

So-called Judge Watson blocked the travel ban just hours before it was to go into effect on Wednesday, stating, laughably, that President Trump had “overstepped his boundaries.” Watson might want to have a mirror in front of him when he’s making comments like that, since he’s pretty much set up Camp Watson as an authoritarian village outside of accepted and legitimate judicial bounds.

Watson is obviously far beyond a rogue judge who doesn’t know what he’s doing, with this being the third time he has inserted himself and usurped presidential authority on behalf of the open border shadow government Democrats.

He’s acting as a “safety valve” during the America first Trump administration, protecting the agenda and keeping the flood of unvetted foreigners into the United States flowing. That’s his job under the globalist scheme. The federal court charade is just the means through which Obama was able to position an operative capable of protecting their mechanisms for the dilution of our population for their eventual takeover.

Garrett Epps wrote in The Atlantic of how the latest executive order travel restrictions may be immune from the political ambitions of the left. He noted that the terms are “tailored to specific countries” and that “It includes two non-Muslim countries, Venezuela and North Korea; and, most important, it contains broad authority for consular officers to make individual exemptions for deserving cases in the affected countries.”

The Supreme Court will surely be called into action soon to sort this mess out and perhaps slap down the impudent little twerp in Hawaii. If they decide against the American people, things might have to change.

it might be necessary, in the future, if the real President we elected wants to take action to control terrorist entry into the US, he should let Grand Mufti Watson write it up in a manner that is acceptable to him and those he works for.

They could then present if to the President for his signature and photographs – maybe in that new Presidential turban Watson has been considering making mandatory as well.


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6 Comments on Obama Puppet Judge Watson, For A Third Time Usurps Trump On Travel Restrictions

  1. Need to get rid of both AG Chin and the dummy in the robe. AG Chin presented his friend the Imans case to the Judge. Along with Obama,(he actually flew over to aid the judge with his presentation) the judge filed and the rest is history. There is a petition circulating in HI to remove AG Chin. Not one of HI’s representatives protested the judge’s move, so like the NFL, it is up to the people in the booths.

  2. DENNIS PHINNEY // October 18, 2017 at 12:34 pm // Reply

    While waiting for this judge to be removed we should send a few thousand refugees on vacation
    to Hawaii and let the judge house them.

  3. frances quinn // October 18, 2017 at 8:03 am // Reply

    scotus will take care of him again…in the meantime he is endangering the country and the lives of all citizens. he should be removed from the bench. he is not following the constitution at all.

  4. National security matters fall with the PRESIDENT, and NOT WITH SOME BLACK ROBED PETTY TYRANT.

  5. Time to impeach that leftist globalist idiot judge for acting under “color of law.” He has NO business sitting on a municipal bench, let alone a federal bench.

  6. Not being a legal scholar, just using common sense, I don’t understand how he can get away with these actions. Where is Sessions? (rhetorical).

    I can’t imagine why he cannot be removed, or have his bench unfunded. In any case, national security issues should receive immediate attention from the SCOTUS.

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