Obama Passing Out “Get Out Of Gitmo Free” Cards Like Halloween Candy

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Hussein Obama is concerned about his legacy, but not with the infidel American people. It’s how he’s viewed in the Islamic world that counts to the pretend ‘president’ and he’s doing everything he can to be seen as a great liberator and jihadi. Toward that end Obama is confirmed to be planning to transfer a minimum of 18 more terrorists out of Gitmo. He just announced on Thursday that another four, all Yeminis, will be heading for the country where Obama bowed to their King, Saudi Arabia. It seems his days of bowing to Islamists and serving their cause aren’t anywhere near finished yet.

Now another new batch of prisoners, who arrived at a mass, simultaneous epiphany on the evils of their terrorist ways, have decided to become “civilized.” They’ll return to a life of breeding goats, complemented by whatever form of employment they might choose when not engaged in their favorite pastime, taking Obama up on his convincing offer of “this is your last chance, Trump is coming.”   

Those set to be released with approval of a military review board, include a senior al-Qaeda bomb maker, the terrorist group’s top financial manager, and two intended 9/11 hijackers. Military sources indicate a total of 22 detainees are being prepared for transfer out US custody. Combined with the Bowe Bergdahl deal and no new prisoners being brought in since his reign of terror began, Obama already has his infamous legacy securely in the bag.

President-elect Trump strongly disagrees with the actions of the jihadist in the White House. On January 4th Mr. Trump tweeted, “There should be no further releases from Gitmo. These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield.”

But their goats miss them, Mr. Trump and they miss their goats. It’s a humanitarian issue and some things, like legacies are simply bigger than the loss of innocent infidel lives.

The Daily Mail reports that Fifty-nine enemy combatants in total still remain at Guantanamo, including terror ‘mastermind’ Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the strategists behind the USS Cole bombing of 2000 and two of the ’20th hijackers’ for the 9/11 attacks.

Senator Tom Cotton isn’t impressed by the Obama terrorist shell game and his phony “justifications” for shutting it down. Cotton said, “Guantanamo is a first-rate, humane facility for the long-term detention and interrogation of hardened terrorists. I look forward to working with President Trump to ensuring it remains filled with senior al Qaeda and ISIL [ISIS] terrorists.”

Of the 59 remaining terrorist detainees, 17 are classified as “high-value” detainees, with seven of those currently facing military charges. Three others have already been convicted of war crimes and another 26 being detained indefinitely haven’t been recommended for transfer.

Obama was successful in drawing a smiley face on twenty-three of those in custody, having their status updated to “recommended for transfer” to foreign countries under “certain security conditions.” In some cases they must attend a rehabilitation program. One wonders if that was all it took to convert a hardened terrorist into a productive citizen, why those rehabilitation programs weren’t being run while they were guests of the United States government. Maybe it’s because it’s just a BS excuse, to make it appear more responsible to be doing the unthinkable.

The terrorists within, Obama’s comrades at DOJ, have structured the playing field to the terrorists’ advantage, issuing guidelines that declare inmates can only be considered for continued detention at Gitmo if they meet three criteria: “their continued detention is deemed ‘lawful,’ they are unable to be prosecuted in a court, and they pose a security threat that ‘cannot be sufficiently mitigated through feasible and appropriate security measures.”

” Sufficiently mitigated through feasible and appropriate security measures” is a caveat so vague and huge a “Syrian” terrorist could drive a semi through it; maybe they will.

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2 Comments on Obama Passing Out “Get Out Of Gitmo Free” Cards Like Halloween Candy

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // January 7, 2017 at 9:03 am // Reply

    Maybe President Trump can put the domestic terrorist obama & company in Guantanamo Bay for life.

  2. Marvin B. Cohen // January 7, 2017 at 8:23 am // Reply

    The goats will be happy!

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