Obama Mixing With Entertainment Fat Cats From Tropical Extradition Safe Haven

obama geffen boat


As the Obama criminals continue to thumb their noses at the American people from the safe and non-extraditable nation of French Polynesia, they naturally took advantage of a chance to mix it up with other leftist “royalty” aboard the $300 million yacht of music industry fat cat David Geffen.

Also on board were Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen, neither of whom will ever again contact and thereby dishonor the video or sound equipment of most self-respecting patriots, and their wives. It was also rumored that Oprah Winfrey was on board, but she never breached so no photos were available. Orca sightings are not uncommon so it could have been a simple case of mistaken identity.

Photos of the time the speed boat that was used to transport the former first parasites to their little celebrity get-together reveal there are at least seven of what appear to be Secret Service agents on board the yacht just in the immediate boarding area. Obama can be seen rising to depart from his position at the back of the boat, not at all fitting for one of his magnificence. Wait until Loretta hears about this – who knew Geffen was a racist?

Of course whether or not America providing a security detail for the perpetual Obama vacation from justice is a good idea isn’t an issue. Why should he start concerning himself with what is best for the country at this late stage of the game? President Trump needs to keep the Secret Service in place, ready for the moment when the case against Obama is solid and he gives the word to transport the “prisoners.” Extradition isn’t possible from the “Sanctuary Island” of Tahiti but rendition is still practiced under the appropriate circumstances by his deep state comrades.

obama geffen boat

The Daily Mail made a big deal out of what the Obamas were wearing, as if dressing like she’s going to Wal-mart was anything new for the former first partner. Shorts and a tank top for her and pants and shirt accessorized by “cool shades” for Hussein were transformed into chic and cool by the fawning Brits. The noteworthy fashion statement those two need to make involves the color orange and some rather poorly fitting, unattractive jumpsuits. Sunglasses will no longer be optional or necessary.

The good news is their rich, important commie sympathizer friends can still come visit them if they still want to. On the assigned days and at the appropriate, allotted times, after a thorough pat down.


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