Obama, Merkel Joint Launch O’Slush Foundation, Campaign For King Of The World

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Not that America isn’t thrilled at not having to listen to mind-numbingly lame and predictable hypocritical lectures from Obama, presented as nuggets of wisdom that we simply can’t do without and should all incorporate into our daily lives immediately. You’d have to be a real idiot or a Democrat not to appreciate that relief. But this gift horse doesn’t come without a cost.

There seems to be a pattern developing, where Hussein Obama is spending much of his time as a private citizen of a country still yet to be determined, outside of the United States that he loathes so passionately. It’s what one would expect from a “global citizen,” being groomed to be king of the world.

Right now Obama is vacationing in France, following his $3.5 million payday for doing a metro-sexual one on one knock-off of the Martha Stewart show with his own cook  in Milan. But having globalists launder money to him for speeches Bill Clinton style isn’t enough to sustain the lifestyle Obama is looking for. After all, “sustainability” is what all of these UN parasites have been preaching for the last decade or so. It’s time for him and Mooch Michael to get that foundation of theirs off the ground.

The people of Germany have already demonstrated through their acceptance of the invasion of their nation that they are pushovers for anything anybody wants to ram down their throats or anywhere else. Just tell em how much and where, Obama. Or better yet, have their dominatrix, Madam Angela do it for you. Maybe you could do a tag team on them, taking turns. They’ll never know what hit them and even if some of them figure it out, they’re too timid to do anything to stop you.

Obama and Merkel are planning exactly that for Thursday, under the false pretext of promoting his “foundation’s work.” Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Saddam and Mao all had their own names for the mechanisms that helped pave the way for their rise to power; “foundation’s work” is as good as any.

Obama, Merkel Will Promote His “Foundation” And Globalist, Marxist Agenda Items

According to his favorite propagandists at CNN,  Merkel will endorse the Obama Foundation in a joint appearance at the Brandenburg Gate. Supposedly they’re going to “discuss” the globalist agenda items of the climate change hoax, public health and economic inequality.

Climate change gives them a mechanism for global taxation and control, as does health insurance. Income inequality is the basis upon which they will transfer wealth, creating a world inhabited by their slave class. CNN pitched it as Obama’s effort to bring his “nonprofit” into the global sphere, implying that it is for some humanitarian purposes. It’s not, it’s for eugenics, control and authoritarianism on a global scale.

An Obama Foundation propagandist is quoted by the Washington Free Beacon as saying, “He and Mrs. Obama have been pretty clear that the foundation will have a global reach. They want to be really involved in programming throughout the world.” That’s not the Tuesday night fall prime time lineup they’re talking about – they’re programming people and they intend to reach everyone and every wallet on the planet. They pitched his efforts to recruit young and malleable minds into his indoctrination and global force as “trying to inspire young people to create change through his outreach.” The younger and more naive their victims the easier they are to control. It takes a village, right Hussein?

 The promoters of the get together describe it as a panel conversation with Obama, Madam Angela and some underlings titled, “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally.”  Democracy is a middle point on the road to authoritarianism, mob rule. They attaching their efforts parasitically to the German Evangelical Protestant Church’s congress, which occurs every two years. Certainly that organization will be rewarded by the Merkel government for their complicity in the destruction of the nation and the imposition of austerity. They’re already on the VIP list for hosting the 2019 conversation with the king and his queen.


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3 Comments on Obama, Merkel Joint Launch O’Slush Foundation, Campaign For King Of The World

  1. HowardMacKinnon // May 26, 2017 at 5:58 am // Reply

    Please stop calling him king of the world. It is very irritating. Mr. T ( turd ) is a much better description.

    • It’s always done within quotes, Howard, as a satirical insult – to illustrate that is their goal. He is the turd you describe, that is not in dispute. I hope you can tolerate the description based upon that understanding as I used it in an article that is going out next. It’s the plot they are setting up, I have to talk about it to fight it, just like you can’t defeat islamic terror by calling it something it isn’t.

  2. Like we didn’t see this coming. He was supposed to be appointed to the U.N. by Prez Hillary; a springboard to take off and head that organization. Since a funny thing happened on the way to that goal, they have to go in the back door and more slowly. MusingsbyMarian do tc om

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