Obama Library Won’t Have Books Or Paper Records – Fitting For A Pretend President

obama rec center

It’s pretty much what we would expect from a pretend ‘president,’ a pretend library as a monument to his eight years squatting in the White House. Normally libraries have books and reference materials, that’s part of what make them a library.

For Obama the most important component of being a library is the funding and being able to secret away government documents inside it for five years, beyond even the reach of Congress.

Always anxious ignore or abuse the spirit and intent of laws and regulations to their benefit, Obama Foundation Officials plan to circumvent “onerous federal standards” by creating an online archive for what they are calling the Barack Obama Presidential Center, rather than real paper books.

While the Obamas are notorious for burning taxpayer dollars for their own pleasure and interests, they are much more frugal when it comes to money in their coffers. Using a digitized version of a Library allows them to avoid paying fees to the National Archives and Records Administration for management of the documents.

Having the same access to an online records source that is available around the globe makes the Obama Center less of a library and more like a real ugly Internet cafe. The main building, the one that doesn’t look like a Burger King connected to a 7-11, resembles that box in Saudi Arabia that Muslims pray to on their pilgrimages, only in white. 

The Daily Caller described it, saying, “The $500 million Obama center — a soul-crushing, concrete architectural monstrosity — will feature basketball courts, a recording studio, meeting rooms, an auditorium, a children’s play garden and, of course, an exhibition hall for odes to the world-historical idea of Barack Obama. Unlike every other presidential library, however, it will be bereft of historical documents.” 

That’s likely why the word “library” doesn’t appear anywhere in its name. It’s no more of a library than Obama was an actual US president. The Hussein Obama Recreation and Anti-American Indoctrination Center would have been much more accurate. That’s probably part of the reason they decided to go with something else. To that point, James Rutherford, who managed the development of the Clinton library in Arkansas, put a positive spin on the scam.

He told the Chicago Tribune, “Here’s how it will be attractive: through the forums, workshops and programs they conduct. They can host conferences with administration officials, discussions on how Obama approached health care, how he developed the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) executive order. That’s how the center will become a research institution.”

So they’ll focus on his destruction of America and his unconstitutional acts. That’s a lot of paper, it would never fit inside just one monstrosity. And besides, when your legacy is one of destroying a nation and that monument is inside the targeted country, it’s probably better to focus on basketball and recording anti-American, communist revolutionary rap garbage.

Cutting past pretending there non-existent “accomplishments” other real presidents generally have to showcase, a spokeswoman for the extreme leftists at the University of Chicago said the school welcomes Obama’s center as an opportunity for “economic development, job creation, civic engagement and cultural enrichment.” They want the money it will bring in and the agitation it will help them cultivate.

The National Archives and Records Administration spent $300,000 to ship the paper Obama documents to a current storage facility. They currently spend $223,000 per month to store and secure the records. Officials with the National Archive now plan to ship the documents back to Washington, D.C., more taxpayer money thrown away down the black hole labeled Obama.

The hideous structure is fitting as a landmark symbolizing all things Obama. It’s as if Obama saved the money he would have “wasted” on an architect and drew it up himself, while high, on a bar napkin.

Construction will require the city of Chicago, which he owns and his lackey Rahm Emanuel, who is running into the ground as mayor, to close Cornell Drive. Obama isn’t interested in the fact that the wide boulevard is used every day by thousands of drivers. In May he urged Chicagoans not to be concerned about the impending traffic jams, to not get so “fixated on traffic that we lose sight of what’s possible.”

Chicago liberals created the Obama beast. Now they can feed it and attempt to live with it.


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8 Comments on Obama Library Won’t Have Books Or Paper Records – Fitting For A Pretend President

  1. 500 mil for this worthless man who did nothing but divide races and destroy our military, put us in 20 tril dol debt. can you imagine how he could have help people who needed it instead of deflating his ego

  2. President Trump was right about the birther lies. Obama was born in Kenya as Bary Soetoro. He changed his name when he became a Muslim during college. His phony birth certificate had his name as Barack Hussein Obama II, and as an African by birth. The man is a liar that thinks he is Alahs gift to humanity and that he is an international playboy. He spent $3 billion of our tax money on his play trips. The man should be in jail for fraud and treason.

  3. It would be funny if a semi truck full of hogs happened to overturn on the lawn.

  4. I’m sure that millions of $$ will wind up in the big 0s pocket. I’ll bet they also find a way of charging high entry prices and much of that will also wind up in his pocket.

    I wonder where the big 0 bath house will be located, maybe an underground refuge.

  5. The artist rendering is hideous, too.

  6. what will come as a surprise to all those COMMUNIST DEMORATS AND LEFTIST, is when that MUSLIM SOB ANNOUNCES HE HAS BEEN A MUSLIM ALL HIS LIFE

  7. frances quinn // October 12, 2017 at 10:58 am // Reply

    it sure looks like a muslim something……more a compound than a library. i am sure it will be filled with all things muslim.

  8. Hadenoughalready // October 12, 2017 at 10:13 am // Reply

    “makes the Obama Center less of a library and more like a real ugly Internet cafe.” – where they can sell “pizza” and “hot dogs”, right?

    Let’s not omit the islamic indoctrination center on the east side, ok. No minarets to be seen outside, but throughout the building, just the low “white-noise” level of his infamous “call to jihad”, (aka, prayer), in Arabic, of course.

    And during the mozlem holidays, the ritual, brutal, slaughter of animals to celebrate the disdainful ethos of islam and honor their evil, murdering, pedophile profit (misspelled intentionally).

    Don’t fret, Chicagoans, it’ll be great for your economy…traffic be damned.

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