Obama Leading Subversive Agitation, Anti-American Organization From DC

obama shadow government


We are watching a plan unfold that first became visible with the mysterious foreigner, Hussein Obama, being inserted as an Illinois Senator and then into the presidency in 2008. The radical liberal Democrats, George Soros and his other supporters played their cards very well and selected the appropriate Teflon Trojan horse to take down America.

They had a chosen successor and also a contingency plan “B” if Hillary Clinton somehow wasn’t elected. We’re seeing that plan now and it’s associated obstructionism, chaos and defamation at every turn. The scum of the earth Democrats and establishment RINOs are engaged in the scummiest of politics, proving they are, as President Trump has declared them to be, vile swamp creatures.

Obama announced even before the election that he was sticking around Washington to exert his influence on America’s future direction and “civil rights” issues in particular. It was obvious at that point that our suspicions were correct, he’s not leaving. His mission hasn’t been accomplished; America is still standing. Clearly Obama intends to return, as dictator or king – either would be acceptable, what’s in a title.

The New York Post reported on Sunday that Obama has an army of more than 30,000 agitators that he is commanding from that house he and his domestic partner purchased in DC.  Nobody lives in DC because of the quality of life, they’re there because that’s where headquarters is. They report that Obama is establishing the shadow government. Some might argue he’s just moving it to a new location, opening up a new DC branch.

Their foot soldiers include the radicals that are the national disruption forces we’ve seen at work in the campaign and in “protests,” what are deliberate, hostile attacks intended to create violence across the nation. The intent is to give the impression of widespread opposition to the new president and to embolden any grass roots opposition that may exist. If they can incite a riot or two along the way, all the better. Otherwise, they just make their own.

In addition to the funding provided by the Soros octopus of front organizations, the Post points to the lead role being taken by Organizing for Action, a national community agitation and rabble-rousing anti-American organization that was formerly Obama for America. OFA maintains more than 250 offices across the county.

Since their candidate lost in the election the organization has gone on a hiring binge of both staff and street agitators, declaring on their website, “We’re not backing down.” Their points of contention are the same ones Obama used to divide us during his tenure in office – open borders, racism accusations, Obamacare, abortion and the climate change hoax. They note how Obama is even tweeting from the subversive organization’s Twitter account, leaving no doubt of his personal endorsement and involvement in their actions.

In a White House conference call following the loss of crooked Hillary, Obama rallied the his personal army, saying, “It is fine for everybody to feel stressed, sad, discouraged, but get over it. Move forward to protect what we’ve accomplished.” He added, “Now is the time for some organizing, so don’t mope.”

Noting that the operation is run by longtime Obama aides and campaign workers, federal tax records show “nonpartisan” OFA with a force of 32,525 volunteers nationwide. Since it is structured as a 501(c)(4), it doesn’t have to disclose its donors. Whoever they are, they’ve contributed more than $40 million in contributions and grants since their reformation from Obama for America in 2013.

In its IRS filings, OFA describes itself as an organization that trains young activists to develop “organizing skills.” Organizing includes campaigns, but the midterms haven’t started yet and won’t be for a while. They’re gearing up for something else and that is political disruption and agenda-driven violence.

They’ve also got support from the new Obama Foundation, as well as the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, under the notoriously corrupt racist and former Attorney General, Eric Holder. Their effort will focus on utilizing the liberal judges Obama put into place to combat the gerrymandering of congressional districts.

The subversive anti-American Obama and his radicals are orchestrating a takeover; the signs couldn’t be more obvious. The civil war has been declared.

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16 Comments on Obama Leading Subversive Agitation, Anti-American Organization From DC

  1. I’m all for it, Frank. Why are we being polite about it? We are too well-bred. We must realize what we’re up against: They will continue to erode our freedom and economy, and way of life for decades to come, like a cancer.

  2. WHY are we not arresting barrack Hussein Obama he’s not going to stop Trump knows this. We must deal with this quickly. We MUST take him and Soros out. Is Trump aware of this fact they MUST be taken OUT

  3. It’s time to serve notice to Obama & delve deeper into his treasonous acts! And then have the balls to indite him!!!!Hillary to!

  4. These are terrorists and traitors, and should be shot on sight. If they want a civil war, bring it on.

  5. I agree, John.

  6. ….I still do not understand why this POS ovomit is not in jail…..?? what are we waiting for, and signed invitation?

  7. Yes, Dr. Deplorable. I bet his career was planned from birth. It is why the nurses at a Kenyan hospital reported that his mother was furious that she had quickly advanced into labor and was not allowed to board an airplane, per policy. I can only figure they dreamed up the Kenyan father story so African-Americans would identify with African roots. And so he masqueraded for many years as an African-American church-going Christian family man. None of it was farther than the truth about Bathhouse Barry.

  8. Dr. Deplorable // February 13, 2017 at 12:08 pm // Reply

    Does Hussein O’Vomit have the face of Communist Frank Marshall Davis or what?

  9. Would someone please tell me what Obama has accomplished , other than ruining the country, both financially and employment, morality, uptic in racial problems . there’s not room on here to tell it all….EVERYONE HAS TO KNOW HE IS, AND HAS BEEN, ALONG WITH SOROS, WORKING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.. his followers are saying “America has NEVER been great”. better think about that !!!…GOD BLESS AMERICA…

  10. This was informative. I knew obama was not finished, at least in his mind.

    We can hope that some charges will be brought up against obama for the things he has done so far. I am hoping that a certain President has got that in the works. I am sure Trump knows very well what is going on and that this disease that we call obama and his soros buddy has got to be cut out like a cancerous growth.

    We all have to united and become stronger and not faint at the pressures these commies are going to try to present.

    Thanks Rick

  11. Yes, it’s time to stop him in his tracks and hold him accountable for all the un-American activity generated by him. His grandparents would be proud.

  12. Do not change my comment EVER!!!!!

  13. Obammer, you need to be indited
    As a fraud from Kenya! You are nothing but a traitor!!!

  14. Sounds like the IRS needs to reconsider the 501(c)4 designation for bozo’s organizations.

    I also need to question how bozo managed to accumulate the wealth to fund his foundation? Nine years ago, one of his Chicago cronies had to lend him the cash for his Chicago home. Was bozo accepting money for favors during his fraudulent time in the White House?

    I also wonder if AG Sessions might want to ask James Comey to look into some of the questions about bozo’s eligibility to serve in the position he vacated on January 20th. I can provide some help on that one.

    Just a few early thoughts that came to mind while reading your piece, Rick.
    P.S.: it might be good for some of your readers to consider joining this new social site: http://www.unitedgungroup.com

  15. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // February 13, 2017 at 9:01 am // Reply

    what do we Law abiding Americans expect from that Evil Slippery, Slimy, Slithering SNAKE Obama the Muslim Agitating Terrorist.

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