Obama Plant Judge Expected To Declare Trump Arpaio Pardon Unconstitutional, Create Crisis

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It was an Obama judicial activist, so-called Judge, Susan Bolton, who conducted the original kangaroo court hearing in which she virtually lynched Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Evidence indicates that Bolton is now ready to follow in the footsteps of other Obama and Clinton planted globalist operatives in black and pretend to be a higher authority than the President of the United States. She is poised to attempt to usurp his pardon authority.

Just as Obama’s Hawaii choom buddy, “Judge” Derrick Watson declared he had authority over the President in immigration and national security matters, this pissant in Phoenix says she dictates whether or not the President’s pardon powers outlined in the Constitution actually exist in the manner stated.

The language in the Constitution under Article II, Section 2, states that the President “shall have the Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment. These were federal charges heard by a rogue federal judge that did not involve a Case of Impeachment. You’re out of order, Judge and showing the world just what kind of judicial agitator you really are and why you ruled as you were instructed by your political puppeteers.

Bolton has scheduled a hearing for tomorrow, October 4th, in which she appears to be intending to declare President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Arpaio unconstitutional with the intention of sentencing Sheriff Arpaio to Jail time. She has already refused to vacate her bench trial guilty proclamation.

On July 6, 2017, Bolton ruled that Arpaio was guilty of a criminal misdemeanor for disobeying a preliminary injunction issued in a civil case regarding a Maricopa County traffic stop.  On August 27th President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio on the misdemeanor.

In more of the dishonest theatrics that emanate like a stench cloud from the DC Swamp, on Sept. 29, thirty Democratic members of Congress submitted an amici curiae brief to Judge Bolton. They argued that that President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Arpaio was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers. The feeble attempt to come up with grounds for declaring the Constitutional act as unconstitutional were in labeling it as “an encroachment by the Executive on the independence of the Judiciary.”

According to that line of idiocy, no pardon could every be issued, as in every instance it is the executive branch “encroaching” on the judiciary. That is the nature of a pardon.

Dr. Jerome Corsi reports that, in order to sentence Sheriff Arpaio to jail time, Bolton first will have to agree with the Democratic members of Congress, which is a certainty, officially adopting their idiocy as her own. But Congress has no more authority over the President and his pardon powers than the rogue judge. It’s moral support for immoral acts and nothing more.

Corsi says it would create a constitutional crisis, forcing Arpaio’s attorneys to file an immediate appeal to the United States Supreme Court. The SCOTUS is another victim of Obama judicial adventurism by proxy, overruled by their underling Obama plant, so-called Judge Watson, in the travel ban.

Arpaio’s attorneys would need to request an order from the Supreme Court instructing the US Marshals to stand down in any instance in which Bolton attempted to order his arrest or incarceration. Arpaio has stated he will not be attending the kangaroo court hearing tomorrow.

Corsi puts forth the theory that the left is attempting to challenge President Trump’s pardon authority in order to set a precedent and intimidate President Trump into not pardoning individuals targeted in the Mueller witch hunt. The crooked Obama henchman is particularly going after former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former national security advisor General Michael Flynn.

We warned President Trump long ago to get rid of Mueller regardless of what he had to do as the fallout would be less damaging than allowing these crooks to complete their railroading. Until he’s gotten rid of, along with the organization he’s set up, there will be no governing of this nation. Every move will be challenged.

President Trump needs to tell the Democrats where to stick it instead of playing footsy with Chuck and Nancy and the rest of those looking to put his head on a plate.


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6 Comments on Obama Plant Judge Expected To Declare Trump Arpaio Pardon Unconstitutional, Create Crisis

  1. Do you people realize that the judges are causing the President more trouble than anybody. They should not be able to go against the President’s constitutional rights. Like you said, they didn’t stop Bary from letting loose all of the scum from Gitmo, who helped kill 3000 Americans. I lived in AZ while sheriff Joe was in charge, illegals stopped coming across Arizona’s border and we had less illegals committing crimes. He was a good sheriff. Even the inmates liked him. I think the President needs to replace all judges with his own if he wants to get anything accomplished of his agenda.

  2. If this stands, we need to hunt down Marc Rich and the FALN terrorists Bill Clinton (and Jimmy Carter) Pardoned. We need to put all the criminals Obama turned out of prison back in jail and we need to go hunt down all the terrorists turned out o Guantanamo Bay; many of which have returned to jihad; so that won’t be easy.

  3. Thomas A Oakley // October 4, 2017 at 9:00 pm // Reply

    Yes I like the post above, she and all these other obamssssss scum that have tried to take away his powers under the Constitution just might fit the sedition and other crimes title. May be some of their heads should be on a plate (so to speak) Funny nothing was said when the obamssssss let convicted killers, etc free and a lot of them were under convicted under fed law, by (so called) fed courts and fed judges. But more important they are getting away with doing this sort of thing because of some of the people (swamp members) in his administration. When you have people like kelly, tillerson, his daughter and son in law, it is no wonder nothing is done.

  4. HowardMacKinnon // October 4, 2017 at 8:05 pm // Reply

    Amazing. Meuller is investigating our Presidents pardon power & this comes up. No doubt now who Meuller works for. Wish everyone would go to Petitions.whitehouse.gov & sign the petition to get rid of Meuller & his team of traitors.


    • Yes, James. I also cannot figure out how they keep getting away with this. I’m no legal scholar but I can’t believe this cannot be stopped. Very disappointed in Sessions.

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