Obama Inserts His Nose – Community Organizing Anger, Division, Civil Unrest

obama inserts himself


Former pretend ‘president,’ Hussein Obama broke with tradition on Tuesday, sticking his upturned, condescending commie nose into the current political events of today. It was just ten days after he was evicted by the American people and the calendar from the position he had taken up in 2009, squatting in our White House.

In fairness to Obama, for him to go ten days without lecturing the masses or seeing his name in print or on fake news liberal propaganda must have seemed like an eternity. Maybe he just thought it was close enough. Like most addictions, the narcissist was probably going through some pretty rough withdrawal symptoms and his spewing of drivel could have been a desperate act of survival.

Obama criticized President Trump’s policies of respecting and enforcing the laws of our nation in undoing the open border invasion that he created and in pausing Obama’s massive refugee importation programs and travel from terrorist nations.

Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis issued a statement, saying, “The [pretend] ‘president’ fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.” That’s an interesting claim since Obama discriminated against Christians in the refugee programs, virtually excluding them from participation. More accurately that statement would read he disagrees with discriminating against Muslims or with not giving them preferential treatment.

Community organizing rabble-rouser Obama, according to Lewis, feels those engaged in the rioting his sponsor George Soros is fomenting across the nation are doing “exactly what we expect to see when American values are at stake.” To the degree that Soros is allowed to continue funding leftist turmoil throughout this nation, he’s right. American values are at stake, but in the opposite manner from which he was arguing. President Trump is protecting the nation and the American values the Democrats and Soros front organizations are determined to destroy.

There is an unwritten rule that former presidents, even pretend ones, don’t criticize current presidents. For a guy who liberally violated the Constitution, and any other policy or procedure he disagreed with, it’s foolish to think he’d honor an unwritten ‘gentleman’s agreement. This breach of tradition is in keeping with “who he is,” to vary one of his favorite lecture arguments.

Obama also rewrote history on the comparison between his 2011 temporary immigration ban of Iraqis from coming to the US, as it only had one nation, which was among those included in the Trump order, Muslim Iraq.

When Obama orders that citizens from a Muslim country not be allowed into the United States it’s a matter of national security. When President Trump does the same thing but adds other high risk nations to the list, a list first prepared by Obama, it somehow transforms into an act of aggression and prejudice against Muslims.

That type of hypocrisy is what we are left with when propaganda, globalist politics and cult hero worship replace legitimate news reporting. We can be sure this is not the last we’ve heard from this arrogant would-be dictator, as much as we’d like for that to be the case.

Obama doesn’t mention the negotiations that reportedly took place between Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, and President Trump in phone calls last Saturday. The plan is to build refugee camps in the region for Syrians and to involve more nations in what would be a more sustainable solution. The impact would be to greatly increase the effectiveness in “helping Muslims.” Of course that reality doesn’t advance his anti-American, pro-Muslim caliphate and invasion position so he’ll just ignore it. The leftist propagandists are doing their part through their own blackout combined with the distraction of a choreographed anti-Trump airport demonstration blitz.

Soros has more plans for Obama to be visible and worse, audible in the future. He’s got a library, a foundation, holidays, political events and fundraisers that provide venues for spouting out his subversive messages. He’s just getting started.

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