Obama Holdover Quits Interior Dept After Moved From Climate Job To Real Job

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Talk about having your argument made for you. An Obama holdover climate change loon quit his job at the Department of Interior on Wednesday after he was reassigned away from his busy work catching pieces of the sky as they fall into a real one dealing with revenue collection.

Joel Clement somehow considers himself a whistleblower, revealing the fact that the Trump administration is onto the hoax of climate change and not following Obama orders. In his resignation letter, the scorned earth worshiper attacked Interior Secretary Zinke for his “poor leadership,” being a climate change skeptic and wasting tax money.

How anyone who has been drawing a paycheck and spending money in the pursuit of roping Americans into the climate hoax can accuse someone not doing so of wasting money is an indication of mental instability.

The scorned green agitator wrote, “I blew the whistle on the Trump administration because I believe you unlawfully retaliated against me for disclosing the perilous impacts of climate change upon Alaska Native communities and for working to help get them out of harm’s way. The investigations into my whistleblower complaints are ongoing and I hope to prevail.”

He continued, “The best use of my skills is to join with the majority of Americans who understand what’s at stake, working to find ways to innovate and thrive despite the many hurdles ahead. You have not silenced me.”

He vowed, “I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for action, and my voice will be part of the American chorus calling for your resignation so that someone loyal to the interests of all Americans, not just special interests, can take your job.”

If this is an example of the type of individual that is an “Obama holdover,” we can’t get the rest of them out fast enough. In June Clement was moved out of his phony baloney job fantasizing about how “climate change” affects Native Alaskan villages.

He was transferred to a real job, actually doing something, overseeing collection of oil and natural gas revenues from federal land and offshore drilling. He was furious at having his pretend job taken away, saying that the move was improperly politically motivated.

He wrote in his resignation letter, “My new colleagues were as surprised as I was by the involuntary reassignment to a job title with no duties in an office that specializes in auditing and dispersing fossil fuel royalty income.” They’ve had to work for their paychecks. One would expect them to believe it’s appropriate that Clement should have to as well.

As a member of the senior executive service, “certain reassignments” within the department are permitted. The Dept of Interior’s Inspector General is following up to make certain that the move was legal, something never even considered in the outlaw Obama regime where the assumption was that legality is not a consideration.

In what appears to be an attempt to damage the reputation of Secretary Zinke, Clement claims the situation was made worse last week when Secretary Zinke declared that roughly a third of the staff was not loyal to him.

Clement told the Washington Post, “Everyone is pissed here about his comments about loyalty. It’s the buzz in the building. You hear snide remarks all day long at how ludicrous that was. They clearly have lost respect for the leadership of that organization.”

Dept of Interior spokesman, Russell Newell, said, “The purpose of the Senior Executive Service is to ensure that the executive management of the government of the United States is responsive to the needs, policies, and goals of the Nation and otherwise is of the highest quality.”

He added, “Personnel moves among the Senior Executive Service are being conducted to better serve the taxpayer and the Department’s operations.”


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  2. All of 0s thugs and useless AA government employees, if they can’t be fired, should be moved a new department, DoM, department of morons, where they can’t affect policy, demoted, paid 10 cents an hour until retired.

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