Obama Gives Terrorists Advantage, Eliminates Federal Registry

obama terrorist cover up


Naturally, the last thing Hussein Obama would want to do is leave in place a mechanism by which the next, real American president, would be able to protect the citizens of our nation from Obama’s brethren terrorists. The fact that he has chosen not to utilize the program himself becomes incidental in a month. Rather than risk a revamped and more robust enforcement in the interim period, Obama eliminated the threat to terrorists by eliminating the entire program. Now it will require a new program be initiated, a slower process, which effectively buys more time free of discovery for Obama’s terrorist allies.

In throwing out the familiar lies that Obama and Johnson use to cover for their decisions to not protect the American people, the typical “we don’t have enough people to enforce all of the laws” argument is used. The system created a registration system and database for Muslim immigrants, a useful tool for those interested in tracking potential terrorists before they strike. 

Perhaps, in light of the scrapping of the system, the most prudent course of immediate action by the incoming administration will be the discontinuance of Islamic immigration in its entirety. Obama does seem to have taken other alternatives off of the table and forced Mr. Trump’s hand in the short term.

Like many of our laws and regulations, Obama just arbitrarily stopped enforcing the post-9/11 registration program for Islamic men in 2011. Using the transparent “limited resources” argument, Neema Hakim, a spokesman for the Islam-import agency DHS, said,  the registration program is “not only obsolete, its use would divert limited personnel and resources from more effective measures.” Kind of the way enforcing the border diverted necessary manpower away from baking birthday cakes and changing diapers. What are those more effective measures? We’re never told, but they must exist, Obama’s DHS Muslim advocate told us so.

Trump supporter and adviser on immigration issues, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, said last month that he wanted to launch an upgraded system for all foreigners from high risk areas. It would likely have been necessary to start from scratch to do the job right anyway. A complete reboot of the now scrapped system, the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System NSEERS was a top priority presented to Mr. Trump by Mr. Kobach in meetings they held last month. Kobach helped draft the original program while working at the Justice Department under President George W. Bush.

Clearly the flow of terrorists, interns and sympathizers is going to come to a screeching halt on January 21st, and with the system not having been utilized over the last five years, its value is questionable. Just slam the door, identify who is here, decide who if anyone is considered to be allowed to stay and start cleaning house. Once again, Obama has only succeeded in illustrating his irrelevance as he dodges the door on his way out.

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  1. As Trump has advocated for the American people, we will not have a country left if we allow an influx of people. In Obama’s final blow to the republic, he furthers his agenda to wipe out the demographics of a Caucasian, Christian society. If for no other reason, we can suspend all immigration from an economic standpoint: There are no jobs, and our healthcare system cannot support it. And that is not racially motivated.

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