Obama Gave Trump 100 Days, Now The Nagging Criticism REALLY Begins

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Previous to the eight-year insult of the pretend ‘president,’ Hussein Obama, there existed a respect for their position and the office that they had held which carried over into an obligation to the nation, and deference to their replacement. There existed a gentlemen’s agreement with the former occupant of the White House avoiding criticism of his successor, public statements and appearances. That was also seen as necessary in order to allow the new president to govern without being constantly second guessed and undermined by one who previously conducted those same affairs.

That was during a time when the president was an actual citizen of the United States and basically an honest, straightforward individual who was primarily concerned with doing what is best for America, putting the nation above himself, the individual. None of those conditions apply with Hussein Obama.

Aside from the pressures of the demands of his communist upbringing and Alinsky grooming to degrade and ultimately destroy America, he’s a narcissist, unwilling to shun the cameras and the attention of those foolish Americans who have bought into his lie.

He gave President Trump 100 days and it took him going to a deserted island far away from the adoring mainstream propagandists to be able to pull it off.  That’s it, he can’t take it any longer. The community organizer is back, his OFA radicals and Soros Indivisible and Black Lives Matter thugs are about to be very busy. For them it’s always open Trump season, but the brief, self-imposed limits concessions supposedly made in the name of tradition and respect have now been thrown off.

On Monday Obama will hold a town hall with liberal indoctrination victims at the University of Chicago, followed by an awards ceremony in Boston. He will then swing into full “turd in the punch bowl” mode, delivering a series of public and private paid speeches. Undoubtedly, the primary feature of them all will be his disagreement and criticism of the current president and what he recommends be done to stop him and defeat Republicans.

Republicans are going to wish they had challenged his false documents or that someone in the current administration was man enough to do it now. He’s going to be competing with Trump on a national stage, speaking with Angela Merkel in Germany on May 25th, a time when President Trump will be speaking at NATO. What’s a little interference in the affairs of the United States when you’re the rightful king of the world?

The New York Times claims that Obama will not speak on the issues of immigration, health care, foreign policy or the environment during any of his events, stating, “Even as he witnesses President Trump’s relentless and chaotic assault on his legacy, Mr. Obama remains stubbornly committed to the idea that there is only one president at a time. Those closest to him say the former president does not intend to confront Mr. Trump directly on immigration, health care, foreign policy or the environment during any of his events.”

Really, are they just going to chit chat about the weather, then? Is he just going to stand at the lectern flashing his teeth and saying “I love you back” for forty-five minutes? Is a radical-based audience not accustomed to behaving in a civilized manner going to accept that? The operative word may be “directly,” with The New York Times, as is often the case, engaged in the dissemination of a little fiction. There’s no way he won’t talk about all of those issues, perhaps less at first or singularly, but they’ll all get their space and his OFA and Soros machinery will be operating in other ways.

As if to illustrate that point, the NYT quoted Sarah Kovner, a New York City Democrat activist who raised more than $1 million for Obama in the past, who asked, “Why are we not hearing from him? We’ve got to hear from him. Democrats are desperate. Everything that Trump is doing really requires a response.”

The NYT functioned as Obama propagandists, quoting his aides as having “concluded that his voice is not essential in the daily back-and-forth” and recognizing a “new level of civic activism among Democrats,” courtesy of Soros’ deep pockets.

Unbelievably they wrote, “Instead, Mr. Obama is preparing remarks that focus on broader themes he hopes will keep him above the cable-television combat and the Capitol Hill debates: civic engagement, the health of the planet, the need for diplomacy, civil rights and the development of a new generation of young American leaders.”

Why is he even out there at all? Is he not capable of respect or of simply shutting his mouth? Yeah, those broad categories do sound a lot like the supposedly off-limits ones they had referred to earlier. And the mainstream media will report every bit of them as if his actions were acceptable and legitimate. It’s going to feel like the 2020 presidential campaign is already underway. Because it is.


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