Obama DOJ Stonewalled Atkisson On Govt Spying On Her, Hopes Sessions Will Help

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In an interview with journalist Sharyl Attkisson, Steve Malzberg references a statement made by former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, that he was spied upon by the government. Kucinich has that targeting in common with Attkisson, as a lead into their discussion of when her was being remotely controlled right before her eyes.

She provides us a status report on her story and her hopes of how things have the potential for improvement under the Trump administration. She notes that she had no suspicion that she was being surveilled, it took place before “pre-Edward Snowden, pre-Associated Press, pre-Fox and we didn’t know what the government was doing with reporters yet.”

She reveals, “I had sources approach me and tell me, government connected sources, that I was likely being monitored, that the administration was doing things that were unheard of in previous administrations involving journalists. And through my contacts I was able to get a forensic exam by somebody who knows how to look for government-type software and found vast evidence over a long period of time, very specific forensics that proves that there had been malicious software monitoring me for quite some time.”

“Not just my CBS computer,” Attkisson says, “but also my personal computer at home. I had three other subsequent forensics exams that uncovered different variations of the same information and we filed a lawsuit that is underway in federal court. All we need the government to do is to tell us who had access to the government-owned IP address that was found forensically in my computer. But so far the Department of Justice has been blocking us from getting that information.”

Malzberg clarifies that it was the Obama DOJ blocking her from finding out which Obama employee had that IP. She says the lawsuit is ongoing in federal court, they’re about a year and a half into it. The DOJ has fought them every step of the way, refusing even to show up for their first deposition.

Attkisson says she supposes that the DOJ could change their posture, that “Jeff Sessions could order the DOJ to cooperate with the lawsuit in terms of answering motions and providing information in discovery that we’ve asked about.” She says, “I don’t have any connections with DOJ or this administration to ask them to ask the agency to comply with the law, but I would like to think maybe that would change.”

Under an administration that ran on a law and order platform, it pretty much has to. Jeff Sessions might like to know if that doesn’t happen.

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