Obama Daughter Celebrates His Holiday By Fish-Flopping On The Floor

malia obama

Malia Obama, the purported oldest daughter of the supposed 44th ‘president’ of the United States, appears to have been overcome with uncontrollable joy at the announcement earlier in the day that her supposed father had been given his own state holiday in Illinois. Everything he has was given to him by the state in some form or at some level. His own holiday was unavoidable.

It wasn’t what you would expect it to be called, Enemy of the People Day, or America-Haters Day. They went with his name; the non-Soetoro one. No, not Davis, the one the whole fraud is based upon, Obama.

It was also his birthday so there was plenty of reason to hit the dirt and roll around, acting like you’re on some kind of super good presidential quality drugs. The Secret Service would never have approved of this kind of conduct but protection for the children of former pretend ‘presidents’ ends at age 16, just as it does for the children of genuine Americans.

If she’s got body guards, which it’s highly probable that she does, they’re clearly not that stuffy Secret Service type. They might double as food tasters or sample her drugs for her. You can’t be too careful with these “national treasures.”

These are the actions of someone who is on something, probably combined with a heavy amount of immaturity and entitled uncoolness. There are lots of recreational drug users in the US who will probably recognize the mannerisms but they are not consistent with one who is sober and really getting into the music or only under the influence of alcohol. She’s “feeling it’ way too much, writhing to the musical offerings of “The Killers” at Lollapalooza 2017 in Chicago

It looks like Mooch and Barry were right to have their kids influenced by the likes of hood rat rapper trash the way they did, most prominently Beyonce, who Mooch described as an ideal role model for her children. Who wouldn’t want their daughters to grow up mimicking a skank who “air copulates” before  millions of people in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination?

Against that standard and the example her supposed mother set for her, Malia is surprisingly subdued, more of a lady than one would expect. Still, she was clearly hurting on Saturday, unless she had some hair of the dog to prolong the inevitable crash.

Happy holidays, Obama, you’re daughter sends her best. The rest of us couldn’t care less. The same goes for your stupid birthday, already about ten too many for what would have been a maximum for the best interest of this nation.

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