Obama – Cruelty, Violence Logical, Natural In Religious Expression, Christianity Not Perfect

obama logic


Part of the lie festival that Obama headlined in Germany on Thursday included a few comments on religion, clearly he hasn’t given up on the caliphate just because he’s no longer the figurehead of the destruction of America. He’s gotten more ambitious and that, as well as pressing the establishment of world government under the UN oligarchy, is why he’s in Germany with Europe’s leader of the globalist caliphate creation, his counterpart, Angela Merkel.

It’s clear that the audience knows nothing of Obama when they sit silently as he says, “I’m always humble” and then corrects himself to the still hilariously absurd, “I try to be humble when it comes to my faith.” Anyone who’s been paying attention during the 8 year disaster knows he’s not humble about anything, ever.

Obama never identifies himself as a Christian or an Islamist, only making generic references to his “faith.” As the number one Islamic salesman and enabler in America we can take a not too wild guess as to what his religious preference is. It’s got nothing to do with a cross and dying for the sins of believers in the world.

He says, putting on his “cute little boy” false humility routine, saying, “I don’t assume that God [Allah] is speaking exclusively through me. I assume that God sees wisdom in all the people out here too.” They must be wise because they came to hear him drivel and if they weren’t wise when they arrived, by the time he’s finished with them they will be.

Obama states that God sees wisdom in him. He surely sees an intelligent force for evil capable of twisting reality to further his agenda. That’s not wisdom, it’s foolishness. He goes on to make excuses for terrorist attacks, to depict it as a natural occurrence based upon rational responses to false assumptions and expectations.

The “wise” Obama says, “And if, if, if, I become so convinced that I’m always right, [as he has been since at least 2009] that it does not admit the possibility that maybe someone else has some wisdom [wisdom if it agrees with Obama] and is expressing God’s will, then the logical conclusion of that ends up often times being great cruelty and great violence.”

Obama, the terrorist enabler and agent of its expansion just declared suicide bombs directed at little kids in the UK or French concert goers being shot in the head after having their genitals cut off and stuffed in the mouths and their eyes gouged out as a “logical” and therefore in some ways acceptable result of not acknowledging that others have wisdom. He’s in no danger of God crediting him with wisdom. Unlike the audience members, God’s no gullible fool.

Building on that foundation of perversion, Obama goes on to blame Christians for not being tolerant enough, not willing enough to surrender to Islamic demands, saying, “And I think that in a pluralistic world, in a world in which we have many different peoples coming from many different faith traditions, trying to preserve some sense that each of us only sees part of the truth, not the whole truth, is an important quality to have.”

So it’s important, Christians, according to Obama, for you to accept that the teaching of the Bible are not the whole truth, because this Islamist told you so.  Just accept that he’s right, that all religions are full of untruths, and sign on to his world religion, the one that will be incorporated as a component of the New World Order he is also pitching in this lie festival, in which the tenets of his logical, cruel and violent “faith” are used to fill in those “weaknesses” in Christianity.

It’s too bad these fools in the audience don’t realize what this criminal and his co-conspirators are up to. They’re useful idiots who sit there in awe with their tongues hanging out, thinking he’s wonderful, doing God’s work and, oh, yes – wise.

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