Obama Created TERRORIST FAST TRACK With MAVNI – US Citizenship For Service Scheme

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The same government that tells us they can vet Syrians in the absence of any government record keeping in their home nation is the one that is now facing a potentially serious problem of terrorists within our military ranks due to insufficient vetting.

Obviously they can’t be trusted to vet civilians when they can’t even handle the job for our military services. Of course these problems all began when Hussein Obama took over, in 2009 and he recognized a need to get as many hostile foreign operatives into the country as possible.

The program he created is called MAVNI, which stands for Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest. Since 2009 the program has enrolled more than 10,000 foreigners who are given a fast track to US Citizenship in exchange for joining the military. Supposedly they are high demand areas of expertise that there is a shortage of, such as language or medical skills.

It was an easy sell to the open borders, diversity enthralled Congress and many sappy US citizens back when Obama created it now the reality that many saw a potential for, the abuse of the system has materialized. Three different Congressional committees are warning of problems, that the MAVNI ranks have been compromised due to inadequate vetting.

Inexplicably, for the naive and likewise compromised lawmakers at least, some of these “new Americans” are unaccounted for. Fox News’ James Rosen says, “The lack of discipline in implementation of this program has created problems elsewhere.”

He plays a clip of Congressman Steve Russell R-(OK) sounding the alarm, saying, “The program has been replete with problems, to include foreign infiltration, so much so that the Department of Defense is seeking to suspend the program due to those concerns.” Rosen notes that Fox News has confirmed that the Pentagon Inspector General began investigating MAVNI almost fifteen months ago and issued a report in late June.” MAVNI is currently suspended from receiving new applications.

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Seven of the ingrates who are likely also ones that need to be reviewed closely for potential terrorist threats, all of them now naturalized US citizens, have filed a lawsuit against Defense Secretary Mattis after DoD began restricting accesses to security clearances issued under MAVNI last fall. How about this boys, we’ll take back our citizenship and let you out of your commitment to join the military and provide you transportation back to the more fair country you came from. Watch out for that door on your way out, step lively.

General Jack Keane points to the ISIS desire to use migration as a way of penetrating into countries. Citing their record of success in Europe, he notes how they pulled it off, which sounds like a description of the way Obama lowered our defenses through his own open borders madness. Keane describes it as open borders, mass immigration with no vetting. Sounds like what they’re still trying to impose on us in the name of humanitarianism from Syria, Somalia, Sudan and other terrorist hotspots, the true Obama legacy.

Rosen was told by a lawmaker that the program enrolled unvetted applicants due to a backlog in the check processing. We’ve got money to spend on genital mutilation for mentally unstable service personnel but nothing available when it comes to keep terrorists out of their ranks.

He reports that workers such as cooks, drivers and mechanics were also given citizenship, in direct breach of the claims for which it was approved. The Pentagon is keeping the extent of the threat they and Obama imposed on the American people a secret, refusing to offer details when asked.

Rosen quotes one lawmaker who told him he is not getting answers either, asking four simple questions: Where are these people, what do they know, where are they serving and what are their numbers?”

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