Obama, Clinton, Soros Thugs Shout Down Prayer, Pledge In Senator’s Town Hall

town hall obama

town hall

It’s admirable that in spite of the threats by George Soros and Hussein Obama’s partnership in anti-American agitation and thuggery, OFA, that they would be swamping town halls with their trained national army of paid disrupters, Sen Bill Cassidy (R-LA) attempted to meet with and gain input from his constituents anyway.


It’s unfortunate that, due to a failure on the part of the fake news media to properly identify the problem and assign the blame where it belongs, with Obama and Soros, this is happening. The former pretend ‘president,’ his financier and now the criminal candidate who tried to become the second consecutive person to steal the presidency Hillary Clinton, have acknowledged with pride that they are behind the disruptions, and they’re just getting started.

Barring action by law enforcement to forcibly remove their thugs, these things are only going to continue and get progressively worse. It’s just like when the same criminal Democrats, Obama, Clinton and Soros sent their thugs into the Trump rallies to do exactly the same thing.

These are the lowest of the low, sub-humans who won’t even allow the prayer to be said in peace or the pledge of allegiance to proceed without attempting to shout it down. There was a time when people had enough respect for others and sufficient self-respect to not only know that this type of behavior was unacceptable, but police themselves not to misbehave in this manner. That was before the Marxists’ “end justifies the means” Alinsky philosophy came to power and before hordes of ignorant third world non-citizens joined up with them in degrading American culture.


Most of the trash on display at this event appears to be home grown, including the one black man who was standing as he was agitating and being disruptive, until he realized they were saying the pledge of allegiance at which time he promptly pulled a Kaepernick and took his seat.

There’s no reasoning with this liberal trash, most of which appears to be of the white variety on this day. There’s no reason to even try. They’re against everything this nation and patriotic Americans represent and value. They’re the enemy. They must be defeated and made irrelevant, it is the only logical course of action.

That includes the three criminals occupying the top ranks, the ones who control Obama’s Fascist Agitators, OFA. They all need to be scheduled for appearances before grand juries, and soon. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered.


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