Obama CIA Monitored President Trump 24/7, Video And Audio – Kim DotCom

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Megaupload Internet genius entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has had all of his assets in New Zealand, where he lives, seized by the US as a fugitive from justice. This happened despite the fact that he’s not an American citizen and has never stepped foot in the US. As he puts it, I never lived there, I never traveled there, I had no company there, but all I worked for now belongs to the U.S. He’s got plenty of reason to be upset with the US government but if he is he’s not being overly outwardly vocal about it. He’s focused on what the US government is doing to itself right now, developments he expected, more of a question as to when than if they would take place. That when is being answered now.

With the first release of the Vault7 CIA documents by WikiLeaks just hours old, one might expect more buzz, considering the extent of potential abuse by the US government they reveal. The CIA and presumably other agencies have the ability to hijack and intercept basically any type of technology incorporating product in the average American’s home and turn it to their advantage. That includes eavesdropping with your phone or television to commandeering your vehicle while you’re driving it.

The media is controlled by the same masters who created and manage the deep state, the globalist shadow government. They’re doing their best to ignore the revelations just as they did with career criminal Hillary Clinton. They’ll tone down the media coverage, sending Elijah Cummings out to tell us about his talk with President Trump or Al Sharpton to talk about his meeting with Attorney General Sessions. What was that, Melania didn’t wear the appropriate red dress to host national women’s day? Did President Trump bail them out with a tweet about something they can twist into being about the Russians? No such luck, media, and the American people aren’t going to let you kill the story.

Kim Dotcom notes how the comments of Julian Assange should be of particular interest to President Trump and all Americans. Assange stated, “The CIA’s Mobile Devices Branch (MDB) developed numerous attacks to remotely hack and control popular smart phones. Infected phones can be instructed to send the CIA the user’s geolocation, audio and text communications as well as covertly activate the phone’s camera and microphone.”

Regarding that particular issue, Kim Dotcom had this to say in regards to President Trump and his potential reaction, tweeting, “Donald Trump would go totally ballistic if he knew what the  Obama CIA did. They used his phone cam & mic. Watching and listening 24/7.” He also noted that Windows is “effectively CIA spyware, repeating his assertion that our President was and may still be being continuously spied upon.

He also points to the CIA as the culprit in fabricating the Russian spy story under techniques they have which permit them to have the appearance of the CIA being Russians. That was a revelation that was also among the treasure trove released by WikiLeaks on day one. The criminality of the CIA will soon no longer be a point of debate. Those conversations will take on the characteristics of the discussions of arrest warrants and plea bargains. Maybe this is why President Trump didn’t feel compelled to say much beyond his Saturday morning tweets. WikiLeaks and the CIA criminals are doing his talking for him this time.


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