Obama CIA Director Brennan Urges Coup Against Trump – Clapper Approves

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It’s no wonder, in fact it seems unavoidable, given the fact that these two dictatorial thugs were in charge of our intelligence, that there is a deep state firmly entrenched and that it is still working to serve the same establishment powers that were in control during the Obama nightmare.

CNN leftist Wolf Blitzer interviewed Obama loyalists, former CIA Director John Brennan and DNI James “Not Wittingly” Clapper at the annual leftist, CFR, Neocon confab, the Aspen Security Forum. He quotes an accusatorial hypothetical by Nancy Pelosi, derisively aimed at President Trump, which asked, “What do the Russians have on Donald Trump, politically, personally or financially?”

The short answer is, beyond reckless speculation that could be made about anyone, nothing. Put the shoe on another foot, what do the Russians have on Wolf Blitzer that makes him ask such defamatory and unsubstantiated questions about our President? What do the Saudis and Muslim Brotherhood have on John Brennan, Hussein Obama, Robert Mueller and James Clapper to make them so anti-American, caliphate, Sharia and invasion friendly, so pro-Muslim Brotherhood?

We know that it was Mueller who purged the FBI training manuals of any reference to Islam and the Islamic component of terrorism. It has been widely reported that John Brennan is a Muslim, that he converted to Islam while working for the CIA in Saudi Arabia. Obama was raised a Muslim in Indonesia. America didn’t start importing Russians after 9/11 and Russian subversion is nothing compared to the very real conquest that is ongoing from the Muslim world.

In fact, the greatest challenge to the establishment of a caliphate might be the united front posed by Russia and the West, who share a heritage, Christian faith and cultural ties. No wonder they want to vilify Russia and foment hostility.

Brennan  is clearly an anti-Trump Obama operative still engaged in his personal war. When he says he’d “like to think all Americans would like to get this behind us,” he’s talking about ending the Trump Presidency, as he soon fully reveals.

It’s laughable that these obstructionist, secretive Obama spies have suddenly determined that the best way to move on is through transparency and piling on as much investigative manpower as possible, digging up something to that can be contorted into a grounds for impeachment.

These two hacks couldn’t even identify a single shred of evidence to link Russia and the Trump team with all of their covert capabilities and the full support of the former impostor ‘president,’ Obama. Now Mueller is going to do what they couldn’t? They weren’t able to get President Trump out of office and now they’re taking another run at it through their fellow operative Mueller.

The two Mueller comrades, who worked with James Comey in attempting to submarine the Trump Presidency and candidacy, heap praise on him for his “integrity.” The fact that these two, one of which, Clapper, was busted lying to Senator Ron Wyden, his fellow Obama devotee in hearings, are so enamored with Mueller speaks volumes to there existing the framework for an active coup plot against our government.

Brennan goes on to make that point even more unmistakably, when he says of Mueller, “And if he’s fired by Mr. Trump or attempted to be fired by Mr. Trump, I hope, I really hope that our members of Congress, our elected representatives, are going to stand up and say enough is enough and stop making apologies and excuses for things that are happening that really flout, I think, our system of laws and government.”

Brennan goes on to advocate the flouting of our system of laws and government, the duly elected lawful orders of the Commander-in-Chief. President Trump is our elected President, but Brennan and his deep state comrades will ignore that fact in urging their side, the establishment globalists affiliated with the Saudis and Islamists, be returned to power.

He said, “First of all, I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out some of these orders that again are inconsistent with what this country is all about. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue, that Republicans and Democrats are going to see that the future of this country is at stake and there needs to be some things done for the good of the future.”

This is an alarm, a siren, blasting from the halls of this room in Aspen. A coup is being advocated, in place or being put in place. Brennan, Clapper and those in the audience talking around it, hinting and alluding to it in agreement are affiliated with the deep state.

It’s vitally important that these Obama-linked threats be identified and eliminated from power. There are more like them still employed in sensitive positions, Brennan, Clapper and Obama have been grooming during the past years who are still acting on behalf of our enemies. It has to stop.


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