Tweets by former Obama former CIA Mafia Kingpin, John Brennan, clearly seem to be acts of a desperate man who sees the consequences of his treachery catching…

john brennan

On Sunday, John Brennan, the Muslim deep state globalist operative who ran the CIA for Hussien Obama, another Muslim deep state globalist operative, engaged in a couple of instances of some very odd tweeting. First he commented, in typical “this’ll get em guessing” CIA cloak and dagger style,  “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.” For someone to persist they must have the ability to do so, so that takes his allies Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe and Loretta Lynch out of the picture.

It can’t be a warning to his fellow deep state operatives at DOJ, Sessions, Rosenstein or Wray, as he wouldn’t want them to change from their current obstructionism. He certainly doesn’t want Robert Mueller to stop attacking Trump on his fabricated story that Brennan himself helped to create and perpetuate.   [[TWEETS BELOW]]

He must be speaking to or of his favorite target of late, President Trump. Certainly Trump isn’t going to take advice from a soon-to-be-indicted enemy of America, so it must be intended for public consumption, more as a criticism of the President than anything else. It’s also a way for the insufferable libtard Brennan to show off how culturally superior he is.  He knows Cicero.

Brennan wrote, “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.” Of course President Trump has the ability to continue what Brennan might want to decry as President Trump’s mistakes, but Brennan is the one under investigation and, along with co-conspirator and coup participant James Clapper, is heading for a rendezvous in prison. He’s “the idiot,” who persisted in his lawless errors to the point of losing his freedom.

Later in the day Brennan issued what seems to have clearly been a warning to both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, something along the lines of reminding them that “the pictures of you or others and young boy or girl ‘X’ still out there and the damage to those involved, including the GOP as a whole, could be significant and the responsibility would be yours.

It’s unclear how they could do more to ensure that President Trump is shackled by an out of control rogue government than they already are. They’ve given in completely to the Democrats and never-Trump RINOs in the Senate and it is only the few courageous and not-purchased members of the Freedom Caucus and Intel Committee chairman Nunes in the House that have prevented the charade from claiming Trump as a victim.   

Just how are they enabling him, Brennan and why is that a bad thing? He is, after all, the President we elected. You may not like the outcome of the election but our nation was spared a continuation of the previous eight years of suicidal acts and you’re going to have to accept it. Neither you or Hussein Obama are in power now, and you’re both among the many likely headed to prison.

Is that what has you all agitated, Mr. Brennan? It’s not all bad. You’ll have lots of time to work on your memoirs. You can secretly listen in on other inmates and can blackmail the ones that don’t kick the snot out of you. You’ll have a taxpayer provided prayer rug and directions to Mecca. What more could you want?

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