Send Obama To China To Rescue UCLA Shoplifting Basketball Players

Obama seems like the natural choice for a special envoy to negotiate the release of shoplifting basketball players being held in China and facing prison for up to ten years…

ucla basketball court thugs

There is a price that comes with arrogance combined with an overinflated view of one’s self, particularly when it’s combined with ignorance and is exhibited in a foreign country.  No, privileged athletes, regular Americans don’t get the benefit of the coddling American justice system when they’re on another nation’s turf.

That’s a lesson these three court-thugs in-training are now learning. They’ve got support among the anthem and America defiling NBA though, so we’ll see how far that gets them. Maybe they should’ve tried to be a little better versed on current events, like the Otto Warmbier case in North Korea. You should never steal in another country unless you want to see its underbelly firsthand.

Three high profile UCLA basketball players became guests of China at a time when our President was likewise a guest, although under quite different circumstances. The basketball players were arrested for shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store.

The future millionaires who had to get a little taste of the good life before they had the money to pay for it are Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and LiAngelo Ball. Ball is the younger brother of a current NBA player, rookie Lonzo Ball. They were released on bail early Wednesday morning but are confined to their hotel room until the legal process has run its course.

If they are convicted of “robbing public or private property using force, coercion, or other methods,” they would face between 3 to 10 years in prison. If the case is reduced to an administration violation they may be able to escape prison time. Of course, their careers and “education” would also be put on hold and would put being able to actually afford that Louis Vuitton stuff even further out of reach.

 According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, a defendant typically waits between 30 and 37 days before they are indicted, with indictments carrying a 99.2 percent conviction rate.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott issued a statement saying, “We are very disappointed by any situation that detracts from the positive student-athlete educational experience that this week is about. Whether in the United States or abroad, we expect our student-athletes to uphold the highest standards. We will continue to closely monitor the situation.”

Since they’re basketball playing Democrats, the obvious next move would be to send Obama as a special envoy to bow and beg for forgiveness. He’s good at that. He could explain that they’re just imperialist American infidel colonizers, appeal to their “better angels,” explain to the Chinese “that’s not who we are,” and lecture them how letting the court-thugs off would be “the right thing to do.”

He could even crawl out of the back end of the plane to scattered, muffled laughter. It would be just like old times. Then again, having Obama negotiate their sentences could easily put them in prison for life with John Kerry proclaiming it to be a great breakthrough.

Ball was joined on the trip by his dad, who has a reality television show centered on his basketball playing family. He was filming their Facebook-based reality show in China with the players at the time. Let’s hope he got some video of the actual arrest in what is a little more reality than any of them bargained for.

The commentary for the program could go something along the lines of “this is where the boys and I get our huge basketball-sized egos shoved back down our throats.” Let’s hear the dedication to principles that the NBA and Democrats in sports are so notorious for now. How about a few shots of them under house arrest in their hotel room chanting “‘F’ Donald Trump” with the typical crotch grabbing and arm waving. They could prove they’re not just saying stuff like that because it’s commie-cool to hate and denounce your country and its leader.

Make it interesting, Pops, include a segment where you play the national anthem as you all squat, step on the flag, and hold up a fist. Come on guys, show us who you are – Let us see “your convictions.” 


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13 Comments on Send Obama To China To Rescue UCLA Shoplifting Basketball Players

  1. Do you guys remember how the Chinese treated Obama when he went to China. They hated him and didn’t even give him the correct dismemberment stairway to get off of his plane. Why should we spend more money on this juvenile delinquents. The dad said it wasn’t a big deal. They have no respect and don’t deserve to be bailed out. Have you seen the phony commercial with NFL jocks saying nice things about veterans. Another example of jocks that are brain dead. By the way, holding their fist in the air is part of the black movement during the Melcolm X era. Very disrespectful. They are worse racists than any of the white people they criticize.

  2. Rick…your observations and style are…awesome. Keep up the good work.

  3. LaRae Bailey // November 13, 2017 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    Let them go to jail where they obviously belong to learn more about the rules of Thou Shalt Not Steal. They certainly didn’t learn it at home

  4. Michael Dillon // November 13, 2017 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    Oh well perhaps mommy and daddy should’ve taught them not to steal oh wait i forgot daddy’s more than likely in prison for dealing drugs or ditched the momma when he found out she was pregnant and momma was too busy sucking and fucking everything on two legs to support her crack cocaine habit after spending all the welfare money on drugs

  5. Fantastic Rick really well said!

  6. Good one Rick! Thanks for the laugh!

    This is the problem today with the Universities that decide on who they want to play their ball games, football and basketball. Most are hoodlums that mom had to raise and are given passes on everything they do. James is right it would serve them to be incarcerated into a Chinese prison to learn the lesson of they need.

  7. What a great laugh for the day. Thanks! Those “boys” are communist wannabes and should have the right to learn their lesson in person. While our president was being “loved” by their children, some of “our” children were stealing them blind. They should be ashamed of themselves. Their dads should also be ashamed of them.

  8. Hadenoughalready // November 13, 2017 at 7:28 am // Reply

    Good idea! Maybe they’ll keep him too.
    China does NOT tolerate criminals. And neither should we.


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