Obama – Cell Phones Just Make It Look Like He’s Ruined Race Relations

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Obama hasn’t gotten over his delusions of grandeur, just another item for the list of non-accomplishments of the first illegal alien pretend ‘president.’ He’s also showing he still has that affinity with blaming videos when he explains one of his endless shortcomings.

George Stephanopoulos points out the obvious, that the first line in Obama’s bio is going to be that he was the first African American president (not African-American, a real African) noting that “the heart of your promise when you first burst on the national scene, bringing everyone together. And you look now and most African-Americans think we’ve gone backwards on race relations over the last eight years. What do you say to them?”

Obama grunts as he formulates the content of his lie, a lie which almost knocks the unprepared Mr. Stephanopoulos out of his seat. He should know by now to always expect the most absurd things to fall out of Obama’s feeding and lying hole.

Obama demonstrates his legendary delusion and dishonesty, saying, “I am absolutely convinced that race relations on the whole are actually better now than they were twenty years…” The stunned Stephanopoulos interrupts, “The are now?” in disbelief.

Obama, who qualified his response by characterizing race relations “on the whole,” allowing him to insert variables and direct the conversation into whatever suits his excuse-making needs. He says, “Yes, but we have greater awareness of where we’re falling short than we used to.” That’s a fabricated awareness, Obama, created with your puppeteer George Soros through BLM and your incessant harping. It’s not a greater awareness of the same amount of problems, it’s a greater awareness of your racially driven efforts to extract things from American society for political and financial purposes.

In his effort to falsify evidence for his case, Obama says, “Let’s just take the example of community police relations. I mean, the truth of the matter is that the problem of police shootings and reactions in the community,” and then goes on to compare decades with two incidents, OJ and the Rodney King riots, which were also largely orchestrated by agitators like Obama, to the last two years when massive numbers of incidents of chaos were created by him and his minions with an eye towards the elections.

He blames the existence of cell phone cameras documenting the “organically” occurring unrest for creating the “false impression” of an increase in racial tensions. Are we supposed to believe those video recordings are responsible for record numbers of police officers being murdered as well, Obama? He says the raising of the temperature on these issues is a good thing. Of course a community agitator thrives on doing just that, creating conflict. Without conflict there is no change, something Alinsky taught him long ago.

It’s noteworthy that since Clinton lost the election race relations have mysteriously improved, as if without the Soros – Obama – Clinton Democrat machinery sowing unrest, the races in America get along pretty well. It won’t last, of course, they’ve got to vilify Mr. Trump in preparation for 2020. A commie agitator’s work is never done.

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  1. Well hell’s bells, just where did they all get the cell phones from in the 1st place ?
    Can you say “ObamaPhone”.

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