Oakland Raiders – Madden’s Bad Boys Of NFL Now Spoiled Brats Crying For Attention

marshawn lynch oakland raiders

The Oakland Raiders have been considered the bad boys of the NFL for a long time, but it was primarily for their play on the field. Lester Hayes had is stickum, George Blanda was indestructible and could do anything that it took to win, from throwing a pass to kicking a field goal to just gutting it out.

Kenney Stabler, the Snake, a quarterback who had a gift for imposing his will and making something happen when it seemed impossible, was one of those bad boys. But it was a good kind of bad. Not the “you ought to be ashamed of yourself” kind of bad that is being exhibited by the athletes of today, those who aren’t good enough to carry the jock strap of the players of the sixties, seventies and eighties.

One of those who should be quite ashamed is running back Marshawn Lynch, who was fittingly blocked from view by the Oakland staff on Sunday, as he once again sat like the ignorant, self-centered, piece of thug dung that he is during the playing of the national anthem.

He was the only player in the stadium on either team to choose on Sunday to continue to disrespect our nation and defy the will of the fans. That makes him a special sort of arrogant, dumber and more stubborn than the other thugs on that field that day. He’s a unique kind of bad, the kind you need to get rid as quickly as possible.

Perhaps because his teammates were appropriately embarrassed by his actions but more likely to shield him from criticism, the team can be seen circling the wagons around Lynch in the photo. As if his sitting and insulting our nation wasn’t offensive enough, the good-for-nothing lowlife arrived to the park wearing a shirt that said, “Everybody Vs Trump.” He may think in his delusional little illiterate mind that he represents the American people, but as usual, he’s wrong.

Coach John Madden would never have allowed the trash of today to play for him. Kenny Stabler would never have tolerated it in his huddle. Stabler died on July 8th, 2015. He never had to witness this despicable behavior. He never had to see the trash of today demean his once and proud team, once the winningest franchise in all of professional sports.

That was when they had the real bad boys. Not just the spoiled brats stomping their feet like children desperate for attention.

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5 Comments on Oakland Raiders – Madden’s Bad Boys Of NFL Now Spoiled Brats Crying For Attention

  1. I heard that it’s in the NFL bylaws that the players are not suppose to be taking a knee, and should be fired. Is this true?


  3. Good article and accurate analysis of the great players of the past. A time when the game and achievement, role models, where what t was about. Today it has become another entitled, racist platform, for those, mostly, who are incapable of civil behavior and intellectual achievement.

    “piece of thug dung”

  4. What kind of “role model” are these jackasses trying to be? That’s easy to answer… They are the saviors for… No, that’s not right. They are not any kind of role model. They are the… Naw… Got it! The are the unAmerican, over paid jocks that have chosen to disrespect America and Americans, our flag, our national anthem and everything that we love about this country and even the sport that they play. I would rather see the NFL close their doors than to see one more player act like a numb nut by taking a knee during our national anthem.

  5. Good article, thank you!

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