Consequences For OAKLAND Libtard Mayor Who WARNED ILLEGALS ICE Raids Imminent

Libtard Oakland Mayor Libby “the Lib” Schaaf, warned illegal aliens that ICE would be conducting raids in the near future, as soon as Sunday, an assault against American citizens…

ken paxton ICE schaap

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says that the Oakland mayor has a right to divulge privileged information in the form of warning illegals that ICE agents might be on their way, as part of her First Amendment rights. There might be other areas in which she’s gotten herself and her city into hot water, though, with a potential loss of federal funding being at the top of the list.

Paxton says, “The reality here is she should not be surprised if she ends up losing federal funds for certain grant programs for her city and, honestly, I think she’s only doing harm to her own people.”

Aside from the financial penalties of loss grants, Paxton says, “It’s up to Congress to decide if they want to impose other crimes or other penalties, as Texas did, which is you can actually be removed from office, you are actually subject to charges and being subject to misdemeanors.” He says, “Obviously the federal government could do the same thing if they wanted to.”   [[VIDEOS BELOW]]

He thinks taking the ICE agents out of California in response to the difficulty they are having in getting cooperation from the sanctuary state would be a bad idea, agreeing with the current policy of increasing the staffing in response. Paxton says, “I think that’s really what the mayor is forcing, she’s forcing more agents to be put there.”

Paxton agrees that the DACA issue will likely still end up in the Supreme Court but after the federal government has been forced by one agitator judge and the libtards planted in the Ninth Circuit have forced the federal government to violate the law for a year or so more, doling out the Obama amnesty to illegal aliens in direct defiance of the laws duly passed by the United States Congress.

There is an easy solution that DHS could employ that would put an end to much of this scofflaw nonsense. They hold the cards that make the ruling by the agitator judges meaningless. All they have to do is be willing to play them the right way.

In case you missed it, here’s the video below of Oakland Mayor Libby “The Libtard” Schaaf betraying the American people and her oath to the Constitution, a document she’s surely scornful of, by warning illegals that ICE might be on the way. The answer, short of removal from office, is to flood her with false information, forcing her to cry wolf enough that people stop listening. The city will be on constant edge and it will be of her doing. Eventually she’ll have to stop.


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