NYT “Covers” Story – CIA Can’t Explain How Identities Of 20 China Operatives Discovered

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In typical leftist cover up fashion, the New York Times reported on Saturday that “The Chinese government ‘systematically dismantled’ CIA spying operations in the country starting in late 2010 and killed or imprisoned at least a dozen CIA sources over the next two years.” They go on to report that “10 current and former US officials described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades. They spoke on condition of anonymity.” Of course they did, citing individuals and relying upon facts to make your case is far too restrictive for the NYT.

The fish wrapper of record NYT, in exploring the source of the possible leaks that identified the individuals, never once referenced the most likely culprit, their favored political candidate of 2016 and espionage queen, Hillary Clinton. Also ignored were her Muslim Brotherhood aide Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Hussein Obama, Sidney Blumenthal, or any other members of the large circle of leftist individuals with knowledge of or access to and possession of classified materials in an unclassified, unsecured location.

Instead they offered plenty of less obvious possibilities as a misdirection away from the Clinton cartel, probably the purpose behind them even bothering to cover the story at all. In documenting the “mysterious” events they  “never pointed towards Clinton” recklessly transferring sensitive information onto her own bootleg server and everywhere else anyone got the urge or the request from a paying customer to place it.

The “report” said “US intelligence and law enforcement agencies scrambled to stem the damage, setting up an investigation into the crisis code-named Honey Badger, but were divided over the cause of the breach.” It’s almost humorous that they report some investigators as believing there was a mole inside the CIA, which recent leaks of the Trump administration have shown to be a mountain of mole hills.” It’s kind of like reporting the presence of Islamists inside a Salafist mosque.

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Look For Answers Everywhere – Except At The Cause, Hillary Clinton

Other distractions of the “Look everywhere else but not at Hillary Clinton” type included a theory that the Chinese had hacked the covert system the CIA used to communicate with its foreign sources.  It’s an interesting theory, but isn’t that now Russia’s job?

They noted that one of those individuals discovered by the Chinese was shot in the head in front of his coworkers as a likely message to others considering working with the Americans. Who would be crazy enough, after Clinton, to work with the Americans?

Within the FBI, some agents reportedly suspected sloppy work by CIA handlers in Beijing might have been to blame for the losses. Former officials said that a restaurant used for meetings with sources had been fitted with listening devices and staffed with waiters who were Chinese agents.

The number of CIA assets lost in China rivaled those lost in the Soviet Union and Russia as a result of the betrayals by CIA officer Aldrich Ames and FBI agent Robert Hanssen, who were arrested in 1994 and 2001 respectively, the report said.

They’re not giving Clinton her due, maybe part of the “espionage glass ceiling” where female spies are treated with less respect than their male counterparts. Surely she caused losses in Russia as well, and the Middle East and Africa. Her damage undoubtedly dwarfs those minor leaguers, Ames and Hanssen. The NYT cited unnamed former senior US officials as stating upwards of 20 CIA sources had been killed or imprisoned in China over a period of two years. and that “By 2013, the FBI and CIA concluded that China no longer had the ability to identify American agents.” Clinton left the State Department in 2013.


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