NYC Pays $180K In Settlement For Treating Non-Assimilating Islamists Like Americans

Three non-assimilating Islamists were paid $180K because NYPD treated them the same as everyone else. They claim to want equality unless there’s money in demanding special…

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The race to the bottom, where anti-American libtards planted in key positions declare that America must conform to the rules of imported foreigner and foreign cultures, continues.

In the liberal cesspool of New York City, where communist Bill de Blasio has presided over the de-Americanization of our most prominent metropolitan area, the payment to those arrested for their being forced to take the same mug shots required of all arrestees is the latest example of very expensive liberal lunacy run amok.

New York City has been ordered to pay $180,000 to three Muslim women who were forced to remove their hijabs for mug shots. Of course, a mug shot with a hijab covering the face is the equivalent of no mug shot, but common sense mustn’t be allowed to intrude into liberal politics and the creation of a victim class. They’re Muslims, so naturally the “intolerant Islamophobic” American infidels were ordered to bow to their demands by the judicial libtards, and to pay up.

The rewarding of Islamic bullying and victory over the taxpayers and the law enforcement officers of New York City is based upon three cases, one dating back to 2012, in which an arrestee in the 62nd Precinct, a woman wearing a hijab, refused to comply with police commands to remove it for her mug shot. She was then accommodated by that Precinct with a female officer taking the photo in a private location.

Later, at Brooklyn central booking, the same individual was told there were not any female officers available and the camera could not be moved. She was photographed by a male officer in the same manner as all other prisoners are. Libtards always stress equality unless it benefits them to scream discrimination, as it did in this instance.

Armed with the inch of an accommodation by one law enforcement body the jihadi lawyers proceeded to take a mile. They allege that the Islamist felt “exposed, violated and distraught” after she was forced to take off her headscarf for approximately 20 minutes as male police and prisoners watched.

Of course the men on the scene weren’t looking at her as if she were naked simply because she was showing her face, her ears or the back of her head. They were probably trying to figure out what the nut job is making such a big deal about. None of that matters when the bully jihadist groups and their attack dog lawyers arrive on the scene, though. They alleged whatever advances their agenda and picks them up some extra cash for their troubles.

The complaints resulted in a change of policies to accommodate the foreigners and $60K for each complainant. Now, when there is the issue of a religious head covering on a woman, they must be provided with the option of a private photo with an officer of the same sex.

Only in the new, gutless, politically correct America could criminals and suspects, or anyone, for that matter, get away with crap like this. Imagine a Christian walking into a police station in Somalia and making demands. They’d be lucky to get out of there alive. If you’re going to live in a foreign country you have to expect to play by their rules. If you’re not willing to do that, you should probably stay at home.


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