Now Soros Claiming Russia Connection To German Invader Rape Gangs

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If the question is who is more evil, corrupt and less trustworthy, Vladimir Putin or George Soros, it’s not even close for many Americans. Although the Soros people have successfully rooted themselves deeply inside our government, they haven’t done so in a vacuum. We know who and what they and George Soros are. While he’s no Donald Trump, Putin is a strong nationalist. In many ways he is less of a threat to our freedom and global peace and stability, despite his KGB background, than George Soros and a much more savory individual.

One Soros mouthpiece, identified as an “expert,” their way of assigning undue validity to the globalist tripe they spew, is advancing the recent trend of portraying Russia as a boogeyman in wild leftist conspiracy theories. The propagandist, Gustav Gressel, works for the Soros-funded European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), an organization focused on advancing world government and the destruction of independent nations.

The conspiracy theories that Soros is spreading claim that Russian and Syrian agents could turn “migrant” sex mobs loose on German women in order to impact the country’s elections. There are some interesting assumptions made by the propagandists in putting forth that concept. For one, where do the invading sex mobs come from? If they already exist as part of Merkel and Soros’ conquest through Islamic invasion scheme how is Russia responsible for their actions? And If an army of foreign Islamic rapists exists and can be identified by a third party nation, wouldn’t the responsible thing for Merkel to do be to likewise identify and deport them? They’re not citizens; they don’t have the rights of citizens. It’s not like their rapes and sex gang activities are well kept secrets so why not take action? She could even appear to be responding to her own citizens who are desperate for relief. Instead, through her ECFR proxy, she blames the boogeyman and covers up the crimes.

According to a report in Breitbart drawing from two articles in the German tabloid Bild, leftists are warning that Russia intends to “sabotage the outcome” of the Budestag election next year by creating social chaos through the manipulation of predatory gangs, resulting in a “radical reshaping of public opinion.” Public opinion is already shifting within Germany and across Europe with nationalist populist groups gaining significantly. Merkel is finally being seen as the threat that she is, no help from the Russians required.

The ECFR “expert,” Gustav Gressel, said Moscow could go beyond merely spreading disinformation, suggesting that the Kremlin is already engaged in such activity. He warned they could mobilize secret agents with ties to the Russian mob, Bashar al-Assad and George W. Bush’s nemesis Saddam Hussein to sexually assault German women. 

Revealing the true nature of one aspect of the threat, Gressel said, “A section of the refugees from Iraq and Syria, if only a very small section, had connections with Assad or Saddam Hussein’s secret services.” He admits, while attempting to simultaneously downplay their numbers, that they’re importing terrorists. These aren’t the standard al-Qaeda, ISIS type that bomb, shoot, knife or run over people to get their point across. They’re the kind that rape and molest, a different subset in addition to more familiar variety.

He asked, “What would happen, for example, if a similar event to [the mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve] in Cologne were repeated at a summer festival before the election? How would Merkel stand then? What would be the consequence for the Bundestag election? Of course, this is an extreme example, but it is within the range of possibility.” It’s not an unlikely example, given the savage nature of her “refugees” and one she should have thought of before she imported mass populations of Islamic barbarians who have already demonstrated their fondness for forcing themselves upon the unwilling.

The article references unsubstantiated claims by Soros’ political operatives in the US, including his candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, that the Russians are responsible for releasing the emails exposing Clinton for her true self. It’s what Soros’ boy Gressel described as interference, playing a role in allowing the truth to surface. 

The invaders don’t need the Russians to motivate them to rape innocent German girls. They were raised to be animals. They like raping and they like German girls. It’s natural for them and part of the reason why Soros and Merkel chose to import them. That’s how they impose their social changes, you have to tear down the society before you can rebuild it to your liking.

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  1. Facebook, that shmuck, of course will censor just like our media. Thanks to the resident internet will be doing likewise, unless Trump does something.

  2. trusting soros is like trusting Satan

  3. When will the American people – ever realize that Soros is our enemy ….The left have known it for years and has used his money and influence to further their causes – which is complete Global Control within the Satanic powers of the devil’s work – such as the Clinton Pedophile Club ……….WAKE UP, AMERICA — WE ARE LOSING OUR cOUNTRY TO THESE POWER HUNGRY ELITISTS

  4. I left the speech Nazis a nasty note if I get a reply I will let you know!

    • Thanks Andy, they let it circulate now so I’ve got two articles up for the same content – nothing like doing your work twice and confusing the hell out of everybody to protect their little power schemers – thanks for the help

  5. Facebook won’t let me post your web page on the article……….Have they begun censoring and blocking certain sites and articles….Thought I would let you know………. This is what I get when I try to post it on my facebook and share with friends..

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    • Thanks Ben, I’ll repost under a different title, might take a few tries but i’ll get past the speech Nazis, they don’t want you telling the truth about Soros, Merkel, the invaders or the fact they’re rapists. Appreciate you letting me know.

    • Try using the Share This app. I was able to post it to FB no problem.

  6. Soros is totally insane! Damn shit has lost his mind and is aging quite rapidly. His ending willing be big, he doesn’t known it yet, but, it’s coming! Hope he enjoys HELL!

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