Now That We’ve Got A Real President, Let’s Show Leftist Agitators A Real Jail Cell

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In his inauguration speech President Trump said that “from this day forward a new vision will govern our land,” and that “protection will lead to great prosperity and strength.” Let’s hope that new vision and protection start soon, and that local law enforcement will stop being ordered to stand around as stationary targets of violence and abuse. They need to finally start banging some agitator heads and arresting the George Soros type of anti-Americans on the left that are funding and coordinating the chaos.

The video is from We Are Change but it’s similar to others taken in Washington, DC during the inauguration period and elsewhere as Obama created his race war. It depicts the four necessary components to the leftist disruptive events. There must be agitators, there must be police and property for them to target and there must be media to record it and disseminate their actions to the rest of us. They must also have a cause, generally a fabricated, false one, as a means of “justifying” their misbehavior. If any one of those components is missing, their schemes fall apart.

The freedom of the press protects the journalists, so they have to be allowed to remain. The police are necessary to protect individuals and property, so they must stay as well. The agitators, on the other hand, are unlawfully occupying space and engaging in assaults on individuals and property, the destruction of property and disruption of civil order. They need to go.

Somebody in the police leadership made a decision that broken windows and sidewalks and minor injuries are an acceptable trade off and to allow these punk agitators to misbehave in this manner. Just like open borders encourage more illegals, the knowledge that nothing is going to happen to them empowers the rioters and invites more of their nonsense. The police should be arresting these thugs not just discharging a flash bang grenade or tear gas, playing the cat and mouse game with the outlaws. That’s what they want, that gives them the event and the coverage that they came for.

We have jails for a reason, for housing people like this. Once they get a record, the fines go up, the sentences become longer, and those who employ them start getting locked up too. The left is getting more brazen. Passive resistance should not be the “response” of choice for our law enforcement officers. Just as on the border, the cities are going to have to start allowing their officers to do their jobs.

In the past they’ve had to worry about Loretta Lynch and her overreaching, overaggressive Marxist civil rights division targeting officers, departments and cities for doing their jobs and for responding appropriately. That all changed today. With the inauguration of President Trump law and order reentered American society. It’s time to put these thugs and their enablers behind bars and out of business.

To allow this kind of nonsense and criminality to take place on our streets is itself a crime, being committed by our elected officials. The days of outlaw leadership are over.

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  1. Well Said!

  2. Dr. Deplorable // January 21, 2017 at 9:10 am // Reply

    Jail all rioters!

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