Nothing Beats A Deep Fried Bug – Edible Tarantulas Are The Best

tarantulas season

Take a diversion from the cockroaches of American politics, and consider the more appealing, in many ways less offensive Cambodian tarantulas. There’s minimal narration on the video, but it’s not really needed. It’s pretty basic stuff.

The cooked spiders go into plastic bag from a local street vendor, as a customer remarks on his purchase. “Tarantulas have a different taste compared to other insects like crickets, etc. It just tastes a lot better than any other insect.” That was our first thought too; maybe not.

They show a “hunting expedition” walking down a local road, digging a foot or so down into the dirt and harvesting their prey. That alone is something that most Americans would have no interest in doing, let alone enjoying the fruits of their labor. It’s worth noting that there’s not much traffic on the streets, far from the throngs of bicycles and 100cc motorcycles of many Asian cities. Maybe they moved to places where the menu is a little more diverse – and a lot more appealing. Having to choose between crickets and tarantulas is like having no choice at all.

The bugs are dumped into a bowl, appearing to be near death already, sprinkled with something that resembles flour, and dropped into hot oil. A short time later they’re ladled out onto a tray next to those ordinary crickets, ready for the connoisseurs of the local delicacy to enjoy.

Excuse us ma’am, do you have any potato chips?

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