Claiming It’s “Not The Smartest Thing In The World” – Feinstein Tells Trump How To Negotiate

dianne feinstein


Jake Tapper can always be counted on for a platform for Trump bashing and in this slot he scheduled an old reliable nag from the Democrat plantation, Senator Dianne Feinstein. Tapper asks, “Reading about this dust up with this close American ally?” Tapper already knows it’s going to be Trump bad, Australia good, and his guest doesn’t disappoint him.

The duplicitous Democrat drama queen replies, “Yeah, my reaction is one of sorrow (Schumer tears?), Australia has been just great to the United States.” Therefore we should accept thousands of criminal illegal aliens as their human landfill? Hasn’t the United States been pretty damn great to Australia as well?

She gushes that “it is a treasured relationship,” as if we are supposed to, as a nation, comply just because someone with a “funny accent” says, okay now mate, grab your ankles.

After proving nothing other than the already established fact that she’s a blithering idiot, she move on to the tensions with our abusive neighbor to the south. Feinstein says, “With respect to Mexico, and I come from California and the Mexican – California relationship is a very big thing, you know I did not vote for the North American Free Trade Agreement known as NAFTA for some of the very reasons that have been put forward.” Was there a point she was trying to make?

She babbles on, “But I think, on the question of sensitivity of the wall and how to pay for it, and threats that go back and forth, this is not helpful.” She then goes on to admit her 20 years of ineptitude as a California Senator, bordering Mexico, saying, “We have a huge drug problem and we need Mexico’s cooperation.” This is where, if Tapper were a real news man, he’d ask if we’re getting that cooperation now and does the open border that Obama created have anything to do with the problem. He’s not, so he doesn’t.

Pena Nieto, the current Mexican President, whose name seems to escape the addle-brained Senator, was elected with support and funding of the Juarez Cartel in Mexico. He works for them, not the Mexican people and he’s not doing anything on the border but making it possible for their operations to continue in the most profitable manner.

Ignoring that reality, being part of the enterprise or perhaps just being mentally incapable of comprehending the situation, Feinstein continues, saying, “And this Mexican president has been cooperating and doing his level best and I would hope that would continue.” She recognized we have a huge problem and wants the ineffective status quo to continue, it’s good enough for her.

She tries to get in one last jab at Trump but just ends up demonstrating even further how out of touch she is. Feinstein says, “So some of these conversations, I think they’d be fine for a president to pick up a phone and say hello, I want you to know I look forward to working with you,” engaging in the usual do nothing, treat each other like royalty “hows the yoga going” crap that has created the mess we’re in. 

She adds, “I think negotiating over a telephone on something that can be easily misunderstood is not necessarily the smartest thing in the world.” For her to have chosen those words and to see them coming out of that snaggle-toothed mouth is priceless. It’s also particularly ironic since she and Chuck Schumer held up our Secretary of State’s confirmation, so there was nobody to dispatch personally and he’d still be waiting had Republicans not resorted to a rules change to get him through.

Feinstein makes the point that all negotiations should be done in person, apparently. It’s thinking like that that is responsible for nothing getting done. Thanks for clearing all that up for us, Dianne. It’s time for your medication.

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