Not Who We Are, Obama? – 5 Bldg Italian Retreat, Private Jet, Fighter Escort, Motorcade – Climate What?

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Hussein and Mooch Obama used to lecture to us about how rotten we Americans were and how “equality minded” we should be in order to be the good little Bolsheviks the “true founding fathers,” the globalist banksters, intend for us to be.

Many of us would have no problem with mandated equality if we were being treated to a lavish lifestyle such as theirs. The money spending spree began when their stench was finally removed from the White House and has only accelerated in the days and weeks since. Obama started off with the paltry $400,000 Wall Street speech and then added the $3.5 million dollar Milan appearance where he talked about food with his chef. The globalists expect the stupid people to accept that those numbers occurred naturally and that Obama is really that much in demand and worth every penny of it.

Ticket prices would have been prohibitively expensive if that were a real function. It was a mechanism, in the Bill Clinton model. It was and remains a means by which to launder money to him and Mooch so they could spend extravagantly as they are now doing, without most folks questioning how the salary of a pretend ‘president’ allowed them to do so. Even with the sales of his crappy books and the $400K per year he was paid annually to defraud the American people, he’s got to have income from other sources to fund the private jets, 6 week private island vacations, and now his latest retreat, a six day vacation from giving three exhausting speeches in the nation which hosted his unbelievable and obscene $3.5 million Milan payday, Italy.

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Obama arrived by private jet in gross extravagance at the appropriately named Grosseto Air Base, in Italy, escorted by six Euro fighter jets. Maybe they expected ISIS to have their own fighter jet and be tracking the Obamas. ISIS was protected and thrived under Obama. They’ll more likely claim to be afraid of what some everyday citizens might do in the area of retaliation or payback. Obama vilified everyday American people as the enemy in the MIAC report in February of 2009. Freedom loving patriots are still the named enemy of the globalists and corrupt politicians like Obama. Fighter jets might not be the most effective protection but nothing says, “You sure are somebody important,” like the symbolism of six armed jets burning “CO2 creating” jet fuel just to stroke your ego.” He’ll see your private jet and raise you six fighters, DiCaprio.

US Amb to Italy Philips got rich, bought the 6 acre, five bldg estate “Obama’s” renting for $15,200 per night

Somehow the former US Ambassador to Italy, John Philips, was able to piece together the funds to buy and refurbish a six acre, five building estate that now rents for $15,200 per night. That’s where Obama, mooch and their entourage will be staying and where the Secret Service agents whose accommodations we incessantly are providing for, will be housed as they protect the pilfering parasites on our dime. Ambassador Philips allegedly amassed a small fortune as a legal extortionist, also referred to as a public rights attorney by the Daily Mail. These liberals have a knack for turning public and other people’s money into their own.

Philips renovated the property, with some of the residential buildings actually being used as barns and containing livestock when he purchased it. Amazingly, with the arrival of the Obamas, history is once again repeating itself.

It’s been a while since we’ve endured a condescending Obama lecture, so refresh our memories, Hussein. We’ve been told so many times that different things are “not who we are” as Americans. Granted, your experience with what being an American means is strictly restricted to what you’ve observed in other people who were actually born in the country or were naturalized, but is obscene opulence what you were telling us to seek out? Is this the equality you preached to us in your communist drivel that patriots understood to be nothing but lies at the time?

What you’re enjoying at our expense is not who we are either. But it does say a lot about what and who you are, and none of it is good. More photos.

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