North Korea Launch Fails – Provocation Missile “Test” Directed Towards Japan

north korea missile launch


North Korea is once again engaging in taunting, provocative actions with its neighbors, launching a missile in the direction of Japan. American military reports state that the Wednesday launch was an immediate failure as the rocket exploded within seconds.

South Korea reported what appears to have been a test launch involved a single missile from the city of Wonsan on the east coast. The South Korean defense ministry is investigating and analyzing further.

A spokesman for US Pacific Command, Commander Dave Benham, issued a statement saying, “U.S. Pacific Command detected what we assess was a failed North Korean missile launch attempt … in the vicinity of Kalma. A missile appears to have exploded within seconds of launch.”

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that the missile may have exploded as it was being launched, prior to reaching sufficient altitude to have been visible to South Korean radar. At the time of the launch, Joseph Yun, the US envoy for North Korea’s nuclear program was meeting with his counterpart in Seoul for discussions as to the appropriate response to North Korean weapons programs.

Just this past Friday, Secretary of State Tillerson announced that the fruitless policy of “strategic patience,” which had allowed North Korea to become a nuclear nation as the world did nothing, was no longer American policy. He restated that reality to the Chinese during his next stop and publicly announced progress between China and the US on the issue of North Korean aggression and arms.

Today’s attempted launch in the direction of Japan, whom Tillerson also met with as part of his three-nation trip to Asia, comes after a highly celebrated North Korean rocket engine test and a poor quality video that supposedly showed them destroying the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and an American B-1 bomber.

The threat accompanying the video against the United States was in the official broken English, saying, “So pathetic. Nuclear aircraft carrier of the sea is just a creature metamorphoses that would die with a dagger in its neck.” They’ve been watching too much Japanese anime.

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