BREAKING: North Korea Fires Missile Sending Japanese Scrambling For Safety

north korea

The North Korean Mental Midget has fired another missile from his Capitol of Pyongyang in the Sunan District headed east toward Japan according to South Korea’s military.

The Japanese activated their emergency procedures sending the Japanese citizens scrambling to safety in bomb shelters.

South Korean and US Military analyst and studying the details of the launch, but the Japanese have already reported that the missile flew over them and landed in the ocean.

This launch had the Japanese on edge more than usual as it comes just days after the mental midget threatened to “sink” the Japanese.

This is not going to end well… The mental midget is getting desperate and is not going to leave us any choice. (That is of course just my developing opinion.)

Pray for a peaceful resolution to this if you have any faith at all… In fact, you might want to consider praying to all the Gods just to make sure all the possible bases are covered… No one familiar with that situation wants war, not because we can’t defeat them, but there will be so many casualties in the initial days.

I will update when new information is available.

Lord bring wisdom to the leaders and show them a resolution that will prevent the deaths of anyone…

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